Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

BWeaves, my heart went out to you when you dropped your pendant and an emerald came loose. I'm glad you could repair it and it's just like new.
Hehehee. It reminds me of the Emerald City of Oz, too. When I first dropped it, I thought it had escaped unscathed. It was only a week or two later that the emerald point came loose. I felt like sh!t. What an idiot I was.

I'm trying it on my reborn necklace. I'm not sure I'll wear it this way as the clasp on this necklace is just a hook and I want to wear this pendant with something more secure.

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can you use one of those silicone earring stops on the hook part of the clasp?

or a safety chain
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So happy your emeralds are back together again, BWeaves!

Luxurious look, Lovglitz :)
Hanadama, that is one beautiful silver fireball.
Luvglitz, wow!! Four strands of silver tahitians?!?! I NEED me some silver tahitians :D
Bweaves, I'm glad your able to put it back together. It just won't look the same without the two emeralds poking out.
Your kojima T's have beautiful overtones.

I'm wearing my baroque T's from PP again today. I just realized I really like graduated pearl necklaces. This is ~8-12mm and I really like it.
I love all the fireballs, drops and tahitians everyone has posted the last few days. Just gorgeous.
I had an important meeting today, so I pulled out my big guns, Kamoka Tahitian peacock round necklace and studs. These are my power pearls. I felt great.2016-11-03 21.41.48.jpg
Bweaves - Glad that gorgeous pendant was so easy to fix. I think that is one of my favorites of Hisano's geodes.
Power pearls is right Red they are gorgeous. Hope the meeting went well :)
BWeaves, great to hear that you fixed your geode pendant
Bailey, what a lovely combo you were wearing and Red, your big guns emanate power indeed!
Lovely metallic strand, Mochiko.

I'm about to get ready for date night. Woo hoo! I'm wearing the same WSS pearl earrings as yesterday (14-15mm), with a 10.5-11.5mm freshwater strand. The sneaky smile is because I'm not supposed to have the necklace until my anniversary in a couple of months. I bet he won't even notice haha! :)

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Love these pearls together Sea Urchin, and by the way from your previous post, I LOVE MATCHY MATCHY and I wear it often!
Wow, I return after days of crazy work schedules, and what a treasure trove of beauty!

Purr, your wear your strands so elegantly! Beautiful in every way!
Purr, I used to think that combos of pearls like that wouldn't look good together, and then someone here (like you) will post a fabulous photo of SS and metalics together (or some other combo I thought should clash) and prove me wrong, and then I want to go home and WEAR ALL THE PEARLS!
Purranha, those 2 strands look fabulous together!

Before PG, I would never have mixed pearls like these either ... er ... before PG, I didn't HAVE pearls like these to mix together LOL ...