Show us your menagerie

This is the newest creature to be captured in pearl form.

The Tahitian pearls graduate from head to tail. 10.8 down to 8mm
It is a sterling silver (antiqued) head and tail.

My snake 2.jpg

My Snake.jpg
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I thought it was rather clever too, this particular combo is more realistic looking that most of the other "head" clasps I've seen. I was not going to use it for this purpose, but then I thought why not, I am quite pleased with the result.

He's lovely - what an ingenious clasp design!
That's clever. I'm normally not a snake jewelry fan, even though it is very Victorian, but I would definitely wear that bracelet.
Thanks everyone. I had no idea what I was going to do with some black pearls, it is just one of those things were one idea leads to another. In the end I think it worked out. Pearls and Snakes do seem to go together, Ancient Egypt anyone? Not sure that this snake is "Aspy" enough..but it does look angry no?

Didn't Bulgari do an entire line of Snake Bracelets and watches? It might've been a Cartier piece, but I remember seeing a long rope of pearls with a snake head clasp on one end that could be clipped on any length of the pearl strand.

BPD - I absolutely ADORE your new tahitian snake bracelet! The tahitian and snake clasp goes so well together, like if they were destined to be designed into one pice together. I am a zodiac snake myself, so I LUV snake jewelries. While I have a few snake jewelries myself, sadly none of them are pearl pieces!
That's a bad ass bracelet! Those Tahitians were made for that clasp.
Very manly clasp, which counteracts most of the pearly femininity. Bulgari, yes the Serpenti line. I have a big Bulgari art book all about Serpenti pieces.