Show us your menagerie

both of them together, I love these so much!
I have a blushish South Sea Pearl (and a purple cfwp from Kojima)...not sure what to do with. I might post as ask for ideas :) Most of the pearls I have are just for my loose gem collection... I'm really digging this picture from an old thread though its inspired me:


I can't think of any other gem that has such diverse organic looks than pearls, baroque pearls particularly.

Sheri is the best! I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new octobaby for my quahog pearl.
I really enjoy just how creative you all are. Sheri pieces always surprise me in their whimsy, fun yet still elegant. It just proves pearls are not stuffy or matronly, it just takes the right wearer to show them at their best!

I agree completely. I have some little tahitians I am contemplating having turned into some more octo babies
Sheri's creations are awesome! We're working on a new project as well - it can be addictive!
Here are the Labs layered :) with pearls:

fresh water pearl set

akoya pearl strand
Pattye found them again in sterling silver, I believe from RIO Grande's website this time... if you are so inclined ;-). There are so many version of this one now. Some even in "base" metal or gold washed.

Woah, I am a little obsessed with these snake findings BlackPearlDudeDC...stunning.
So yeah I finally got this Fluorite Wolf done (Love how I can detach him and add him separately to the "chains" or to the pearls (Not sure how often I'd wear them attached to the pearls but I like the option!) What do y'all think?:
Fluorite Wolf Head
Tahitian Cultured pearls & Amethyst beads


Fluorite Wolfie.jpg
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I love it! I also love that you rock pearls in the first place!
I have a really good gemologist friend that got me thinking..."Why the heck not, there are no rules". Plus I've always been a pearl fan, particularly Black pearls. Thank you btw!!!
I love it! I also love that you rock pearls in the first place!