Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

Wow! Lots of lovely pieces here from metallic FW to Blaire's souffl?. Pearldreams, baby nurse, BAS, and other ladies, they are as sharp as akoya. Have you ever compare them next to akoya for luster?

Matt_95, do you have modeling picture of the souffl??

Back in 2011 Jeremy sent me a bag of metallic FW. I picked some pearls to make a grape cluster pendant, some earrings and a bracelet. You can see the line up in the following pictures.

Cathy your grapes are one of my all time favorite necklaces. It inspired my tin cup.
Loving all the colors of everyones metallics, they are all one-of-a-kind!
This is my metallic gem-grade freshies strand. I prefer some pearls than the others, but I'm glad I bought this strand since I got to see what colors metallic pearls can be ❤
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Your pearls are very lustrous, nnguye20! :)

These are my 8-9mm round Exotics from 2008 PP special (photo from years ago!)
They are the pearls in my avatar. My husband says this is one of his favorites of all my strands. I subsequently restrung it on Serafil from Pattye's shop in Baby Pink.

8-9mm exotics from 2008 PP special, forum size.jpeg

Then there were these ovals from PP in 2011-- the following thread is full of great FW fancy colors!

This guy has the goods...
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I love this thread! Everybody's pearls are so beautiful! Pearl Dreams are yours metallic freshadama?
Here is a bit of metallics history from PG!

nnguye, you asked if they were called metallic freshadama. No. They were not using the term "metallic" then. They were called "fancy freshwater pearls" and "exotics". These were a very limited quantity special offer from PP back in Feb. 2008, the link being sent to people who asked to be on the mailing list for them, and a few more strands became available later the same year for people who had missed out the first time around.

The "Exotics" were more colorful and metallic than any FWP we had seen until then. Some were round, many were oval or drops. I have 2 of the oval/drops strands that I am about to restring together to make one long strand.
Edit: This is what I ended up doing with the 2 oval strands-- a double strand, instead of a rope:

Here is a PP photo Jeremy posted back then. They were remarkable! And sold out fast. I think they were just about gone in 15 minutes flat. :eek:

Jeremy's fancy freshwater pearls:Exotics from Feb. 2008 special offer.jpg

And another of Jeremy's photos-- the first horizontal strand near the top is my strand, with the gold pearl. :D

Jeremy's fancy:exotics from 2008.jpeg

If you go way back in the Show Us Your Pearls forum to pages from 2008 you can find threads about these pearls. Look for threads with "Exotic" or "Exotics" in the title (you can do Advanced Search for this, searching titles only.) Unfortunately back then many people were linking to Photobucket instead of uploading their photos to PG directly, so many photos were lost in time. But there are still some photos.

Then in 2009 Jeremy got a bunch of eight-way rollers -- truly round naturally colored FWP-- that were really metallic. Even more metallic than the 2008 pearls. This is the first time I recall FW pearls being called "metallics". I didn't buy any, as I had that round strand I already loved, but I'm sure some PG folks have strands. Here is a thread with a few photos of one member's strand:
My metallic FWP from PP is here!!!

And earrings, in larger sizes:
Exotic Metallic Freshwater Earrings

Then in 2011 there were the color-shifting metallic pearls. As I recall Jeremy and I think Mia spent a LOT of time going through buckets of loose pearls to find the color-shifting ones. A true gift of their time.
The color-shifting freshwaters have arrived!
PP Metallic color-shifts

And of course after that the white FW metallics came, in 2012. It seems to me there were always more colored metallics available than white strands.

To me what is cool about all these older fancy/exotic/metallic pearls is that they were solid nacre. Time marched on, and now they are producing in-body bead nucleated FWP such as Edisons, which are also very cool in their own way. The roundness, the size, the colors...wonderful!

Anyway, I hope you like the eye candy, and also I hope people post their old strands from Way Back Then! Especially as so many of the old photos on Photobucket were lost.
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