Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

This is a picture of my new babies! Gold with overtones green/blue little red. 10.5 mm

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I wanted to show a natural light photo of the metallic studs.

These are drops I bought a couple of months ago. They're lovely and very versatile.

POJ earrings.jpg
My newest PP souffles. Mindblowingly metallic and a good match with my PP souffle pendant:

PP golden souffle earrings 1.jpg

PP golden souffle set.jpg

souffle pendant.jpg
ear shot 4.jpg
ear shot 5.jpg
Wow! Lots of lovely pieces here from metallic FW to Blaire's souffl?. Pearldreams, baby nurse, BAS, and other ladies, they are as sharp as akoya. Have you ever compare them next to akoya for luster?

Matt_95, do you have modeling picture of the souffl??

Back in 2011 Jeremy sent me a bag of metallic FW. I picked some pearls to make a grape cluster pendant, some earrings and a bracelet. You can see the line up in the following pictures.
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Cathy, so fantastic! Do you have one for me?!!!
Baby Nurse - beautiful the soft and elegant shape .. and the luster is gorgeous!

BAS - well well well ... what CAN I say ... other than Spectacular ! And the colour match is great..which isn't easy when there's 27 different colours running around those beauties ! I move my limp , lank hair out of my eyes... I have to agree...great hair ! ;)
Hanaleimom - I fell in love with your grape cluster the first time I saw it and now I love it more! I so wish I had one in my collection!

baby nurse - Your drops are amazing and I understand why you wear them often! Sleek and colorful!

BAS - Your suite of souffles is fantastic!
Thank you for the kind words Lady_Disdain, Hanaleimom, katbran, and pkinnew!

I have a few more fancy- colored, metallic items to add...

My PP Super Strand.jpg

PP Super Strand of souffles

PP fireball earrings on.jpg

PP Fireball earrings

PP Edison pearls.jpg

PP Edison pearls

PP souffle pendant 3.jpg

PP Souffle pendant
Baby Nurse, great collection! Those loose pearls are fascinating. :)
Thank you, GemGeek! That picture is the one PP sent me but it's quite true to life. I'll use one in a pendant and was hoping to have the other set in a ring, but the stem part might make that impossible. What do you think?
HI baby nurse,
Your pearls are just beautiful! A ring like the one Wendy (lfs) posted on the other forum might work with the gold prongs covering the pointy part of the pearl. I'm guessing a setting would have to be custom made. Oh the joy of having pearl projects :)
I think that you probably need a simple custom-made ring to hold the pearl securely. Then you can safely enjoy it for a lifetime. :)
Thanks Marianne and GemGeek! The Edison I had in mind for a ring is the pink one on the left. It's definitely worthy of a custom setting : )

I'm not familiar with that ring of Wendy's, Marianne. I'll look for it!
baby nurse, it is under the "Suggestions for designing an SoC mabe ring?" thread.
baby nurse -- that was like seeing old friends. You choose beautiful pearls and they, without exception, look fantastic on you!