Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

Frost Me

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Jun 22, 2014
I love show me threads, so I wanted to start this thread for pictures. I am crazy about the "Fancy" Colored Metallics. The range of amazing colors is incredible. So let's see what you have! I would love to see more pictures, seems like these beauties get scooped quick. I'm getting ready to treat myself to some round 10 mm Fancy Color studs. I just purchased White Metallic 10 mm Studs from PP and I am hooked!
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Great idea! Here's the first published photo of souffle' pearls from 2010. Very metallic and very fancy. When these first came out, they were a big deal. No one could believe that the colors came out that way naturally.

Your earrings are only the start! ;)

DSCN3711 -1 copy.jpg
This is a closeup of the fancy metallic strand I bought from PP in 2008. I especially love the gold one!


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I also like this type of FW keshi metallic pearl-- I made up a necklace and these matching earring jackets.


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I'm so excited I just ordered fancy color Metallic Studs. Gold/copper with green/blue little red 10.5 mm. Thanks for helping out with thread I think this will be fun to see these pictures of fabulous pearls. I love that you both have posted dates when purchased, wow you both have really fabulous colors. Love! I will post my when the arrive.
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Congrats! I look forward to the photos!

I think I enjoy seeing pearl photos almost as much as I enjoy wearing the pearls! ;)
This is a picture of my new babies! Gold with overtones green/blue little red. 10.5 mm

I would love to see an earshot of your metallic studs. I don't think anyone's posted an earshot of them.
Here are pictures of these beauties!


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Thank you for posting pics!
I <3 metallics