Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

Wearing a necklace I just put together using some amazing PP metallics, along with a couple anticlastic formed bracelets I made a while back.
Metallic Freshwaters always fascinate me. I think I like them best of any pearl. Except maybe whatever else I may be viewing at any given moment. Maybe I'm part magpie. And that's OK.
I love everyone's pics.
La Corsetiere, amazing work (as usual). Like the hanging cluster a lot lot lot, and your open-close peekaboo bracelet requires further inspection.
lary007, the phrase "coppery greenish shifty" makes my chest squeeze a little. Lovely.
Sobellejanet, that pink drop is luscious, great choice.
Frost me, yum yum.
ALL. love 'em all.

I am very envious (in a good way) of all you ladies who were able to get these beautiful metallics when they were available in years past. I love the color shifts & the iridescence. I am especially covetous of BN's super soufflé metallic necklace! That one just takes my breath away & I would love to one like it, I hope PP or another one of our other pearl vendors will someday have more of these beauties!
I did buy a pair of white metallic studs from PP & would love it if the screamers would return. I would sell an organ for a double strand of screamers.
"... sell an organ..." oh, you expressed that so perfectly!
Thank you Charlotta. :) I am fascinated with pearls recently and am in love with the beauty that every single pearl possesses. I have been taking some vacation days and in my free time learning about pearls, learning to string them and enjoying their uniqueness. Today I am wearing yoga pants, a crisp white T-shirt and with a strand of pearls I feel glamorous. :)
86'vette, I'd also like to add/bemoan - I found PG and joined in 2009, just missing the big 2008 exotics launch, and I will NEVER get over this part - there was a CALENDAR! A pearl calendar. Yep.

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There’s some amazing metallics in this freshwater strand I got recently from Kong’s

Very nice!
Our lovely Margaret from SimplyAdorned4U made this beauty for me. I don't have neck shots yet, these are Margaret's photos.
In case it looks like I've uploaded duplicates - Margaret has taken these so that there's a focus on each section, it's great.
Fiona (and Margaret), that’s stunning! How long is it?
Fiona, that rope of ombre freshwater pearls is stunning!

SydK, I rotated the photos so we could see your lovely pearls better ... hope you don't mind. SO glad to have my laptop back!

1 Upright.jpg
Upright 2.jpg
Sydk & Fiona, Amazing metallic colors!

Sydk, your new strand absolutely glows against your skin!
SydK, they're beautiful! I hve been waiting for what I hope is a beautiful strand from Kongs since December. I have a bad feeling that they're lost. I'll give them until Monday and if they're not in the mailbox, I need to ask for a refund. It was an expensive strand.