Road trip to Kojima Pearls

Very nice veils! Another suggestion if you're looking for something around your neck. Hlow about a golden drop pendant on chain or really small creamy/golden akoyas or citrines?
Purr I should have them in my hot little hands tomorrow, they left Sarah's last night. I left a double strand of Vietnamese akoyas with Sarah with out a plan. Here is a tease shot she sent me. We will all be surprised ;)

I thought those looked familiar!!! I'm excited to see how the reworkings have turned out! Sarah has such a unique aesthetic.
It's here, it's here ;)
Sorry no neck shots yet but here is a peek.

We started with this and a few of my ideas.

Open the box and this is what comes out. The strand of Tahitians were already mine from Pearl Paradise but I was hoping the new enhancer would look good on it.

Bad picture but luv the pearl :) Enhancer bale from Gempac.

My inspiration page

Sarah took my idea and turned it into the fulfillment of my dream. Pearls are akoyas. She cut up two gemstone bracelets and added pearls and them to two of my necklaces.

The last is a Tahitian rope I bought years ago from Sarah she added some aquas I had brought with me and some that she had. I am a very happy pearl girl tonight . It was wonderful to take pearls and gemstones that I haven't worn in a long while and marry the two for something I will reach for. Thank you Sarah!!!!
Newberry, you have a nice inspiration page! The necklace turned out great! Congratulations!
Oh, how fabulous Newberry!!! Each and every piece is darling, beautiful, and SO you ... just perfect!!!!!!! My own multi-color Vietnamese akoyas have been neglected lately; what a dreamy way to accent those. Being a lover of the unusual, I'm enchanted by that enhancer with the little bubbles at the top of the pearl ... is it one of the Rosebuds? ... tell us more, please??? And, CONGRATULATIONS!
This is one thing that is so fabulous about pearls...that we can rework our strands, redesign and come up with something so fresh and new. They are all lovely, newberry!
I LOVE what she did with your inspiration page (which btw, was an inspiration for me as well)...can you show a close up of the necklace(s) with the small gemstone clusters? And that Tahitian and aqua rope is stunning as well....actually, they are all stunning! More photos please!!!

ETA: an observation....I think one of the reasons why I fell in love with pearls, aside from their beauty, is the ability to reconfigure them into an infinite number of designs without necessarily needing to re-drill and with relative ease (little risk of damage to the gem). Plus they are really fun to wear!

Enjoy your new pieces, I know I enjoy seeing them!

ETA second time: Pearl Dreams, I just read your comment...we are on the same wavelength!