Road trip to Kojima Pearls

Wow, gorgeous! Newberry, you're collection of pearl tin cups is memorable! Beautiful new additions.

I too would like to see close ups -- and neck shots, please.
Close up of akoya and gemstone wrapped necklace:


Sarah took my vision and made it even better than I imagined. I have a 50% chance of all the stones being face up. Will it bug me? No not at all. How I will be wearing these:


The teal lumpy bumpy Tahitian



The first time I wore this necklace I did it doubled and today I just wore it as a rope :)


I did say I am soooo happy with these new redos? There will be no chance any of these sitting in the drawer not being worn now ;)
Those are all so delicious, Newberry ... my very favorite is the re-do of the Vietnamese akoyas though ... are the larger pearls Kasumi, or Edison, or ... ?
Simply Gorgeous Newberry!
The Vietnamese akoya redo really came out well. I have worn it twice Friday doubled and today in a long rope. Cathy I'm not sure exactly what type of freshwater was use on the cream/white or pink pearls the gold are golden south sea.

The gems were originally two bracelets Sarah cut up and added to a tin cup gem necklace with a akoya pearl pearl bracelet I had never worn plus she added some of her pearls as well.

Thanks everyone.
Newberry, LOVE all your makeovers! Mr favorite is the Vietnamese redo... all the colors and sizes really compliment each other beautifully. I'd love to see it worn doubled...just lovely!
Wow!! These are fantastic, Neberry! I love all of them but that Vietnamese redo is stunning! Sarah's talent is incredible.
Ok here is the last of my redo...for now ;) Love how this one turned out too. I thought I wanted one of Gellner like strands until these arrived. Very pleased with the aqua and Tahitian double strand.

Such a pretty combination ! Perfect with that shirt !! Aqua's are such a beautiful colour and so summery looking !

On the Akoya redo...which is stunning....all the smaller pearls ... are they all Akoya ? They certainly have a blinding lustre ... and are they all white with the blue dotted in or is there another shade in there...they are so shiny it's hard to tell the colours !!
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Katbran they are natural color multi-color Vietnamese akoyas from Pearl Paradise 2012. I had a double strand of them. Here is Sarah's closeup of the final strand. I believe the only pearls she added were the groupings of the big pearls.


Original glamour shot from Pearl Paradise

Wow Newberry, those are beautiful! I really like your style in jewelry, those tin cups are delightful and so is the akoya rope.

And the Gellner like strand is also beautiful… and fun! Can you give us the details (length, size of pearls, and how many pearls roughly)? A Gellner-type strand is on my wish list.
I really like having some big pearls thrown in with a bunch of little ones in a rope. It give a big pearl look while keeping the strand lighter in weight. I tend to think of them as an all pearl tin cup, where the chain is replaced with smaller pearls. I can never remember what a strand with big and small pearls is really called. The new strand is gorgeous.