Please vote for Hisano!!!

So well deserved, congratulations to you on these awards! Now about that would coordinate nicely with my earrings. IMG_3718.jpg
CONGRATS Hisano!! Your award is so well deserved! And that blue and blue ring is my fav!!
YAY!!! Congratulations! That ring is really quite a looker! I look forward to seeing what other awards you win! Keep up the stunning designs!!!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. Hisano you are the best of the best ;)
Congratulations, Hisano! I'm so very happy for you, and pleased to see you get the recognition you deserve! And filled with lust every time I see your swoon-worthy creations...sigh...
Congratulations, Hisano, on a well-deserved sweep! Your designs were so much more exciting that the other entries. I adore the blue trio ring, and that pearl and sapphire geode necklace is just stunning.
Oooh, CONGRATULATIONS Hisano!!!!!!!!! What great news ;) Not surprising you won awards, but to take such a sweep, and to win the special award is extraordinary, and will bring attention and accolades to your wonderful work. So VERY HAPPY for you, and happy to be in the cheering section :) !
Congratulations, Hisano! You deserve the awards. Your designs are simply stunning.
Great news Hisano. I figured it was something big after your champagne photo with the blue diamond necklace on your facebook page. So glad the general public could vote in this award. You deserved your wins, the pieces were fantastic.
You are so fresh and talented, this is well deserved. Thanks for all the visual candy!
Congratulations, Hisano. You are a most deserving winner with your beautiful and innovative designs.