Please vote for Hisano!!!


In the colored stones category just look at that blue sapphire ring!
I voted. I love Hisano's pieces anyway.

For some of the other jewelry pieces, I had a hard time telling scale. I couldn't tell which things were rings and which were bracelets. They all looked the same size.
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Voted! �� Good luck Hisano!
Done, done, done, done and Done LOL. Hisano's work outshines all the rest!
So easy to vote for Hisano - no competition, her designs are so much more creative and innovative, in my eyes.
Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for voting for little h. I am very happy and honored to announce that I've won 5 awards from this InDesign Competition. I won first place in Diamonds category with my blue diamond trio ring. I also won first, second and third in the Pearl Category!
Because of my success, I was also awarded with Cindy Edelstein Memorial Emerging Designer Award. Cindy Edelstein was a huge influencer in the industry who passed away suddenly last year. It's a great honor to receive this award and I am truly grateful for everyone who voted and supported my work. I can't thank you all enough!! WSR-GEO-BLD-WD-WG C w.jpgFSP-FNO-SDP-P-RBY-YG-small.jpg
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Well deserved. Your jewelry is exquisite and unique.

Blue pearls & blue diamonds! Be still my heart!