Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

"Matryoshka" is a cultured pearl, not a keshi (we've never had such a big keshi). But by pure, unadulterated beauty I meant:

  • No maeshori
  • No polishing
  • No processing

Just the pearl's true beauty...

I wish I could get it for my wife...but it is for sale.
Now for some Keshis... this year we will have more keshis I assume... this data will be analyzed once the harvest is finalized. This year's keshi seem larger than those of previous years and some have very deep colors. This is just a sampler of yesterday's keshi harvest.

A funny Keshi...looks like a little human foot...a "Hang Ten" keshi.


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    Hang Ten Keshi [640x480].jpg
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And some more photos of pearls from yesterday's harvest...the first 2 photos are of an oval pearl with a deep purple color, but if you move this pearl the colors have an amazing shift that is hard to see on the photos, also some incredibly colorful baroques, a beautiful drop shaped pair with light coppery color and pink overtones... the harvest is getting better every day.


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Beautiful, Douglas! Glad to hear the harvest is going so well. And I love the "foot" pearl...

How lovely! I've been reading your blog but seeing them again here just ma brings a big smile. The colors are fantastic - the blues, the purples. Oh my... I can't wait to see your 2010 necklace!
Some more pearls for today... I barely have time to properly clean the pearls before I take photos and crop them to post here. Wish I had time for better descriptions (sizes, shapes, colors, etc.) but... well, a photo is worth a thousand words...

Also, today I took better photos of "Matryoshka"... my favorite still.



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I love your little "Matryoshka!" Perfect name, it looks just like the nesting dolls.
And some new we harvested what we call "Perlas Yoris" (or "whites"... Yori is the Yaqui word for "white men", actually it means "He who looks like a Man but cries like a Woman"...let us say that the Yaqui were not very impressed with the Spanish Conquistadors' endurance to pain).

Even when white...they have color! Nice pink and green orient...

Some button-shaped pearls with great colors... in all I have been very pleased with this year's harvest. My computer is SATURATED with photos and will take me some weeks to process everything, but I hope you enjoy the new photos...

In the meantime I'll be whistling to the tune of "La Yaquesita"..."The Young Yaqui Maiden"...


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Love them all! Thank you for sharing the harvest with us!
I've just caught up with this thread :D Congratulations Douglas, as usual I'm in awe of the beauty of your pearls. Thank you for sharing.

Your special Precious is amazing! May the harvest continue well for you.
Now... this pearl here... I feel proud of it... My Precious One... My "Matryoshka":
Douglas Matryoshka.jpg
Gem + Grade
13.4 x 10.0 mm
1.6 grams of pure unadulterated beauty...glows with a deep blood red under long-wave UV light.

Douglas posted this over 2.5 years ago and Hisano finished the necklace just before the Tucson gem show. She uploaded sketches and photos of the necklace to her blog today!
I've loved that pearl since I first saw it on Douglas' blog. Probably the only pearl I know by name! It is so nice to know where it has ended up and a deservingly intricate design. :)