Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

Thank you all for your kind words and empathy. I can tell you that this has been the worse storm we've had at the community's level. By this I mean this hurricane has transformed the lives of thousands of people in Guaymas, San Carlos, Empalme and San Jos? de Guaymas..
But we've had hurricanes far more devastating to our farm before...2003 we had "Marty" and it destroyed around 80% of our farm. I am actually going to Blog about this later next week, once we solve our immediate problems.
Wow Douglas, that is some scary stuff. The thought of a cyclone makes me absolutely cringe. If you haven't lived through one, you can't come close to appreciating the how terrifying they are. Glad to hear that you and your crew made it through safe and sound though. A hell of a year is right.
It is awful news with the storm- I am happy that you are fine but feel so sorry for the people effected by it.
I see that I'm the 20,000 view of this thread! Geez, that's a lot of people. Good luck to you Douglas, I hope all the eyes on this thread realize the importance of supporting hard working farmers like you and your crew.
The Pearl Harvest has Begun... 2010 seems like a Good Year for Natural Pearl Colors. This year -it is still very early in the harvest- we seem to have deeper, more intense, colors again... could be due to the fact that this will be a "colder" year in the Pacific (thanks to "La Ni?a" effect).

But here, I present some photos of this year's harvest. More will be published and with more details (sizes, shapes, impressions, colors, etc.) in an upcoming post here on Pearl-Guide, but also in our Blog site. The purples seem to be "Deep Purples" this year... Thank You God for Allowing us to Produce Beauty.


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MMMM that blue one, with violet through to turquoise. (I hope nobody else saw it... Would very much like to lay claim to that one.)
Wow, some lovely items there! Just couldn't resist a little mabe--so affordable, and can pay via paypal, what could be better!!!! Some lovely mabe pendants in sterling also.

Thanks, Caitlin! Good thing I bought my ticket for the Rukus before checking out the store-----------no earrings like yours, though. Yours are gorgeous-------------!!!
Doug those are just amazing!! I do love that blue one too!
I have been following the blog, but the link just above goes to a 404. This one works, but is it the same blog?

This blog is worth reading. It is informative.

Yes, you have the correct website...maybe I messed up when I made the hyper-link. So, let me try again: Cortez Pearl Blogsite in English (we have another one in Spanish too: El Blog de las Perlas del Mar de Cortez).

Trying to manage writing, pearl farming, two teaching positions, document translations and family life in a normal 24 hour I am becoming better at mistakes.

BTW, yesterday we harvested the largest pearl in the harvest: a 13.7 mm near-round pearl (solid nacre, not a gas giant). The initial bead probably had a size of 9.5 mm (I did not use any 3.3 bu -roughly 10.2 mm- in 2008) so the coating must be really thick: 4.2 mm or 2.1 per side. Pretty decent...
You are always funny whether you are going fast or not. I am so glad there s a way for people to contact the store. Maybe you could put the English link in your signature?

You bragged that without a photo? I am seething with eagerness!
You bragged that without a photo? I am seething with eagerness!

Per yer request... although the problem with this pearl is that it just ain't pretty. Big (for our standards): yes. Pretty: No.

I am still thinking what shall I do with it? Hack it! Burn it! Peel it! Feed it to a chicken! Give it to my children's Guinea Pigs so the can play soccer? One thing is for sure: it does not meet our quality criterion so it will be cast into Pearly Gehenna.

Suggestions please ;)


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Now... this pearl here... I feel proud of it... My Precious One... My "Matryoshka":

Gem + Grade
13.4 x 10.0 mm
1.6 grams of pure unadulterated beauty...glows with a deep blood red under long-wave UV light.


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The bottom pearl is indeed a darling. The colors are the deepest I've seen yet. It's huge. Please let us know what it is destined for, or is this your precious?

Still, I wouldn't mind being the top photo's pearl Gehenna. I like the rough surface and the colors and the shape. I love pearls like that. Even if they only hold caca status. I am a lowly beader after all, not a pearl snob. I love the leftovers. They have their own charms.