Parents' Folly:

and does he look besotted, or what!?!
Lisa, that was a very long time ago...
LOL! May well have been years ago, but you've got proof! I'm lookin' right at it ;-)

Eh, too bad we don't stay besotted forever (sentimental sigh)

(BTW, I've seen pictures - you've held up verrrry well, dahlink)
I love the wedding day photos! You both looked so happy-- and what great luster on those akoyas from so long ago!
Thank you for the update, BAS, and the wonderful photos. I suspected that to your father, the only true pearl is an akoya. Everything else is not a white akoya, and therefore, not a pearl. But, I saw those white SS at the ruckus, and they are truly special. I figured that they would be appreciated.

I'm looking forward to seeing that green goddess piece at the next ruckus. I know it will be stunning in person. Enjoy it! :)
Awwww, so romantic!
Lovely to see your first pearls worn for such a special occasion, they were perfect, no wonder your Dad has not budged with his preference for white akoyas.
I am now an official Pearl-guide member and actually made it to post!!
BAS, your family shots are endearing. Especially the mother-daughter neck shot. Thanks for posting.
Mel, welcome aboard. Thanks Happy Huku, GemGeek, Mel, Lisa c, la_corsetiere, Narcissa. Katbran -- happy 30th! Time, it does fly...