Oscars Congratulations!



A quick congrats to Jeremy Shepherd from Pearl Paradise! You guys are having an amazing week! My wife saw you on Extra, Access Hollywood and Fox News! I saw your piece for Charlize in People Daily! The piece for Judi Densch was amazing (there is a wire image of her with Shepherd!). Great press and congratulations! I think I speak for most members of the forum when I say you really, really deserve it! It could not happen to a better person!
oh, darn! i miss all the good stuff since i live overseas!:mad:

HUGE congrats to jeremy. :) you are a star!

i don't suppose there are any links to the pics?

Pearls during the Oscars

Pearls during the Oscars

Was anyone else able to identify different styles of pearl jewelry as well as types of pearls worn at the Oscars?

As Zeide pointed out on another thread, Reese Witherspoon was wearing conch pearl earrings. What a treat to see!
Oscars Congratulations!

I haven't seen the press concerning Jeremy and the oscars but

but congrats to you Jeremy.
Thank you guys! And thanks to all others who sent me emails over the last week. With so many forum members watching TV I don't think I need to retain our media monitoring service any longer;)

The last week was a wild ride for us all. I do wish more attendees had worn pearls down the carpet. But most wore them to the parties, and this is where our press generated. Not a lot of necklaces on the carpet, however, and with Winston and Hearts on Fire doing million dollar loan-outs, we have a lot of work ahead of us over the next year to sway the carpet crowd to pearls instead of stones! We are probably going to make a larger push with the Emmys, and have received several fitting 'promises', so we will see how it all works out.

The pictures are a bit difficult to find with the millions that were shot over the last week. But, if you go to Wireimages.com and do a search for pearlparadise.com, you will find about 100 pictures that have our company name in the actual title. There will probably be several photos in most celebrity magazines (People, US Weekly, etc.) next week as well.

PS - Did you all see the conch set on Reese?
Oscar Award 2006

Oscar Award 2006


also from Sweden congratulations. I did see the conchpearls on Reese and they are beautiful.


Inge Jernberg
Found the Judi Densch shot!


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The crown or tiara for the winner of the Miss USA pageant was encrusted with huge Mikimoto pearls.