Help needed with 1700's (C18th, Georgian period) pearl jewelry examples


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May 21, 2013
Hi all, I've held off posting for a couple of months while accumulating some great examples of antique and vintage pearl pieces for the articles I'm writing for the new Pearl-Guide News.

By the way, congratulations on the great new look to Blaire and all those working behind the scenes to take Pearl-Guide to a new level.

I need help from members!

I'm writing a series of articles for P-G on accessible pieces of antique and vintage pearl jewelry. Items that can still be found outside museums, or maybe inherited.

However I'n a bit stuck for PICTURES of pieces from the 1700's. I'm thinking of C18th memorial (mourning) rings and brooches that were often ringed with seed pearls. Also pocket watches in the "Empire" style that were also ringed (and sometimes covered with) seed pearls. Also any other examples of Georgian pearl jewelry like those finely woven suites of seed pearl jewelry.

IMPORTANT - the images must be public domain. Pieces from your personal collections would be great, please advise if you want to be credited as the source of the image. If you know any friendly dealers who have something appropriate I'm sure it would be OK to credit them as the source, it may lead to people visiting their shops or site.

Either message me through P-G or post them on this thread, and we can discuss and take it from there.

The power of Pearl Guide! :) You should get some help soon. And a special thanks to Paul for his article and the series to come! :)
Paul, check Lang Antiques and let me know if you find anything. I can ask on your behalf. :)