My new Tahitians Stud earrings!


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Jan 16, 2017
Hope everyone is safe and well!

I’ve been looking for stud earrings to go with my floating T necklace (from Cees’), and wanted to take advantage of PP’s Mother’s Day sale! I reached out to Rebecca, for her assistance and was in luck to get the closest color match to the pearl on my necklace! This is a very simple set, but one that will be using quite often now!

Tahitian pearl studs from Pearl Paradise and a pendant from Cees
Thank you Pattye, and you’re so right about the mask and earrings! It happened to me wearing hoops and it was so annoying!!
Yeah, I'm having to be extra careful that I wear a snug lever back that won't catch or come undone when I need to wear a mask.
Perfect, Lilpearl. Great size & a great match. You just can't go wrong with classic Tahitian studs!!
Superb match & pearls. Never did get to get up to PP a few years back & then time went in. Now with the mask things have changed. I took my only pair of 10-10.3mm tahitians (?) out of the vault. They have the mecan clasp backs. A good strong earring setting or pushback is a must with the mask. Got my eye on a ebay 10.5 mm 18k pair to quell my desire until the world gets back to some order.

Great photo btw. I am finding it hard to take pics of these pearls.
Until then the photos must be enough to carry our dreams through.