Pearl Confessions...

Thank you Cricketbug, I do love to photograph pearls (and cats...sometimes flowers) and I do love to create something new that I like and will use out of something I don't use.
Such a wonderful collection CricketBug! Love love love all your pieces, but the tahitians from Cees...Out of this world!!!
Charlotta, you do take wonderful pearl photos! And wonderful cat-let photos, too. ;) I always love to see them.

eolianpearls, thank you, and yes!, Cees' strand of Robert Wan pearls are truly glorious.

Thank you, BWeaves and 2thdktr!
Cricketbug! Wowzer what a great collection you have created !! (I'm going to look up the 'cork'colour ... must be one of the few I don't have :D )
They are all beautiful - I love the Tahitians from Robert Wan - his pearls always seem so dark , colour rich and mysterious.. just wonderful ! In fact every piece is gorgeous and I love the use of the various colour BS thread ! Well done !!
Katbran, I love using different coloured threads to subtly compliment the various pearls. The next time I refresh the Robert Wan strand I may use teal, although the navy is such a excellent colour overall, for the strand.

Waps, even though I have more than enough blue pearls, my eye is always drawn to the blue colours. LOL! It's possible that I could fall in love with more blue pearls... :rolleyes: ;)
Ooooh, Cricket, busy busy busy and bold! Beautiful choices!
One can never have to many blue pearls, I mean there blue akoyas, tahitians and south seas. Maybe even fijis. Cooltoned and warmtoned, navy or turquoise or teal or silvery blue....
Hah! I completely agree, Charlotta! I could cheerfully "branch out" to a beautiful dark blue strand similar to yours! :rolleyes: Well, I tried, but to no avail, this year. Perhaps next year?!