My natural white Hanadama necklace


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Jan 22, 2009
Hi y'all,

Yes, I finally took the plunge. I bought me my very first set of pearls - a natural white Hanadama necklace. PP staff were great.

Got a few pics - not great pics though - waiting for the sun to come out. All photos taken indoors.

I guess I'll be joining Blaire in hell. :)


natural white hanadama from pearl paradise
Pearl Paradise natural white hanadama
DSC_8458 (640x428).jpg
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Oh, they are just gorgeous, and look amazing on you.. well done! I was admiring Blaire's beautiful strand with Jeremy when I was returning Octavia to her mum... they are the most desirable pearls!!
Thank you Nerida. I wore them for the first time to dinner last night and kept admiring them in the restroom. I guess I'll have to carry a little mirror with me to keep looking at it - can't have me running to the loo every time. :)
And I made a mistake of dancing with them on. Forgot that I shouldn't get it all sweaty - removed it and wrapped it in a napkin.

I would rather dance with my pearls on (of course...) and re-string a bit more often.
Oh SR, aren't you glad that you went straight for the best? They look amazing! I wore mine today. They definitely put a smile on my face. Congratulations! ;)

PS, there's plenty more room in hell if anyone wants to join us!
Thank you Pattye.
Correct PurlGurl - better to dance with it on - but I was worried about the effect of sweat on the nacre.
Thank you GemGeek - I am glad that I went for it. Thanks for all your help. I was really nervous about the decision. Now I am glad.

- Hell, here we come - in style of course. :)
- Hell, here we come - in style of course. :)

I'll drink to that ! :) (Eli says that I'll drink to anything....)

What a beautiful way to start my day! Thank you my pearly friends !

SR, wear them in good health !!!
great pearls but keep them on - as soon as you said you took them off and wrapped them in a napkin I saw your table being tidied.....Pearls are tough, they would enjoy a bit of dancing.
just as you should not take off rings to wash hands (or if you do hold them in your mouth, never put them down by the basin)
Congratulations ShashiRatna, those pearls just GLOW and look very elegant on you :) Enjoy them in good health and dance often!

I'm quite sure that no-one here is going to hell, I mean can't you just imagine how good our pearls will look with silvery robes and angel wings ;)
I'm quite sure that no-one here is going to hell, I mean can't you just imagine how good our pearls will look with silvery robes and angel wings ;)

Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. ;)
Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. ;)
I'll drink to that !
(Eli says that I'll drink to anything....)

Two good jokes in a row! Thanks

SR, if you are going for akoyas, I am glad you are going for the best. I am still about freshwaters (My Tahitian excluded) though I have gained respect for the excellence of the pearl plating of the finer akoyas.

They should be worn. Personally I think sweat affects the silk more than the pearls. The traditional wipe off afterward should keep them glowing for a generation or two - even when worn a lot.
Lovely pearls!

But I agree, don't wrap them in a napkin-- it's too easy for them to be thrown away by accident!

When I was a newlywed, I cleaned my diamond ring, wrapped it in a tissue to dry, and left it on the vanity. Yup, hubby threw out the tissue!

Fortunately I realized it was gone, dug through the trash and found it. But I learned not to leave any jewelry in a tissue!
These are great pearls and look fantastic on you. Now I have to cut up my credit cards.
If I could only have one pearl necklace, this is the one I would keep. I'm that smitten with it! ;)
Gorgeous, gorgeous pearls, such a necklace. I want some. Have to sell a few things first thought. But they are so very beautiful.

Congratulations on your purchase.

The day after my husband were married we went to the beach for a swim. When we finished our swim I said "still have my ring, I was worried about that". My husband looked at his hand and said he no longer had his. I wonder how much gold can be found at the beach on any given day. In restuarant toilets etc. Would be a king's ransom in the long run. :( I never did take jewellery off when out to wash my hands. Better a little soapy than gone forever.

Fortunately I learned this lesson when I was eleven years old with a cheap, but beloved ring. :(