Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

I got these unusual color south seas pearls from Kong's. I strung them with tanzanites. Amazing!
Very pretty. I have some iolites that I haven't done anything with yet. They would look pretty with pearls but the drillholes are so small that I then have to use beading wire. I prefer Beaders secret.
LINDA!!! Wow, I just LOVE those unusual SS pearls with the tanzanites ... that's just gorgeous ... Congratulation :)
And now some aquamarines:
and I made earrings too:
and bravely listed them on eBay.
Next, some abalone with quartz. I was able to get the shine of the abalone, but not so much the sparkle of the quartz.
Lovely, I so enjoy sharing your beading adventures!
Glad GemGeek asked for a neckshot! Beautiful, beautiful.
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They look great on you, Linda! And I know they are much more colorful in real life. I love how pretty abalone shells are and how difficult it is to capture their colors.