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Stringing Tutorial with photos: Stringing on Serafil, Beaders Secret & Power Pro


New member
This is my Favourite. Thread. Ever. (pun intended)

​​​​ I have been knitting pearls (and other beads) for many years. I have tried dozens of threads, knots, and a few different techniques. My "most" reliable technique required a 3 times pass of thread through a bead for the final end knots but ... BUT!!! ... this meant that the knot itself was too small, even with an extra loop. It was more often sheer luck, that I found a combination that worked. And this was a performance that occurred every time :(

Now, I have found a new method (not so different that it's a headache) that truly truly works. Well, so far.
Thank you SO much Pearl Dreams. And Pattye, who has supplied me with lovely thread. (My bad, I dislike silk with the needle, and PowerPro) And thanks too to all the others who have contributed to this thread. You are all awesome, and dressed in stunning pearls too! Bonus points.

If there are any tips re knotting the first pearl after the second lhalf of the clasp, that would be welcome. The double sided sticky tape is a good assistant, but if anyone has any other tips besides practice, that'd be great. I've had Lotsa practice.

And a supplier for the 50 pack of fine collapsible beading needles??? I live in Australia, some US vendors don't ship.

Again THANK YOU all


Active member
Hi softnsunny, So glad you found Patty's Serafil thread to meet your needs. I love it too! When back knotting through the last pearls on a strand, I leave three or four unknotted. Then add the gimp and clasp. I lay them flat on the table and ease the thread through while applying light pressure on the last pearls to keep them in place while tightening the gimp up against the last pearl. You do not have to plan a gap, There will be enough room to do half hitch knots between the unknotted pearls. If you run the thread through the next pearl before cutting, you have a neater finish. Hope this makes sense. Please show us a picture of your work!
Pattye also sells several excellent beading needles.


Pearl Scholar
Softnsunny, on page 1, post #9, PearlDreams gives instructions and some photos for adding the 2nd half of the clasp and finishing the last 4 pearls. I'll add here additional photos tomorrow that might be helpful, with a slightly different view.

Did you find a source for the 50 pack beading needles? I might be able to help.


Pearl Scholar
Sometimes I only knot back through 3 pearls as I show here on this bracelet. On necklaces I do 4 pearls. Using the thinnest pin (.4mm) to make a channel through the last pearl has saved my sanity and many needles from destruction! Hope this posts ok!


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Ooh Pattye, Thank You for the detailed tutorial! Those last 3 pearls and that channel get my hands every time. Making a space with a thin pin ... brilliant. Thank You :)


New member
Pattye thank you so much for this hint about using a rigid pin to make a channel. I had never thought to do that believing that if it wasn't going to take the finest needle it wouldn't allow for anything else, not taking into consideration the rigidity. I will give this a go in future.

softnsunny I too am in AU and have private messaged you about needles.