Heading To Guaymas!

Thank you for the link Caitlin, they are beautiful pearls in stunning designs! Thanks to you, GemGeek, Jeremy and Douglas for this fabulous thread :) In reading all the posts I feel like I've been to Mexico too lol.

Once again thanks to p-g I'm a happy armchair traveller visiting distant pearly places :D
Hope no one minds my bumping this thread up as I missed it before, and thought others might also have missed it. After meeting the most interesting and charming Douglas and his lovely Cortez pearls at the Ruckus this summer, I dream of going to Guaymas sometime ... and yes, Douglas if you're reading ... Walter still wants to go fishing (probably while I "fish" for pearls LOL :)
I would go just for the maleficio cocktail! (Seafood cocktail) But the people and the pearls were also magnificent.
My apologies GemGeek and Caitlin ... didn't mean to startle anyone with the older thread ..... but when I came across it, I couldn't stop reading, and daydreaming of blue bays and pearls of course :)
Kathy, No apologies- It was my reaction to others going to Guaymas without ME! Then it turned out it wasn't a new thread. Now that I know I am going to get envious, wistful? if anyone else ever goes there- I can see that was a ridiculous reaction and I am over it- I hope there is a new trip and new reporting and new fotos- even if it isn't me, LOL.

But yes, GG, that was one fun trip from beginning to end. I treasure that time- the company, the food, the pearl farm- the incredibley beautiful scenery of Bacochibampa Bay and a couple of psychedelic sunsets- I get endorphins just thinking about it- and probably always will- which is why a lot more people from here NEED to go. (of course, if you want company.......wink,wink,)
LOL! I wish. It was epic. I don't have enough vacation time to do it for a while, so we'll have to get our visiting fix in Tucson. :)
Oh, what I really want is to go to Tucson, visit my dear cousin in New Mexico AND head to Guaymas LOL
Oh, what I really want is to go to Tucson, visit my dear cousin in New Mexico AND head to Guaymas LOL
I hope you do come to Tucson! Guaymas is a straight drop south of here, directly south about 6-7 hours in a car or bus.
Guaymas is in a trade zone, so you do not need special Mexican car insurance, only a passport, to get back in.They also have an airport.

(Last time I went to Nogey (Tucson talk for Nogales) I just put my open passport into a machine and, bam, was done. Said a wasted, "hello" to the guard who waved us through without a glance.)

If your cousin is in Deming or Las Cruces or near El Paso, those destinations are another 4-6 hour drive East of Tucson. If in Abuquerque or Santa Fe- at least 12 hour drives from here. When I was about 5 and just learning to count, I used to wonder that New Mexico- which was in the USA - was 200 miles away and old Mexico, which was a different country, was a mere 65 miles, LOL.
Caitlin, New Mexico confuses many people even today ... people still think I went to a foreign country LOL. I love it there; my cousin lives between ABQ and Santa Fe, so pretty far from Arizona. Haven't managed to talk Walter into this road (or air) trip ...
WOW! Thanks! Photos, story! food and pearls! WOW! WOW!
SO glad I found this thread! I want to plan a trip to Guaymas for 2018. Pearl farm visit (natch), hiking and canyoneering, scuba diving or snorkeling, good food, and lots of photography. I need a couple of willing accomplices though. Anyone up for this sort of trip?
Oh, I'd love to go to Guaymas. Considered taking the silver house down ... there's a camp/RV park near San Carlos.