Ebay Seller Famous-Show cheats People: gorgeous 13-14mm south sea pearl bracelet

And this, Pattye ... note the location ... "I developed new technology to grow pearls in any shape with very high detail, I culture all pearls in Tahiti in the Motu Ahe Lagoon." ?
"Ebay knows there are tons of fakes on their site but they don't get involved because all they care about is their bottom line."

I have to defend ebay here. Of course they care about their bottom line; they are a business. And we cannot expect them to police all of the millions of objects that go through there. It would require hiring hundreds of experts in every field. Except for the Tiffany and a few other luxury goods brands, where they had to avoid lawsuits and probably did hire extra staff to handle problems with these particular goods, ebay is a flea market business model. Caveat emptor.
Pattye, yes, I'd love to hear Celeste and/or Josh's take on that post. What with both their travels right now, I would't expect any input for quite some time. Meanwhile, "Caveat Emptor" people ...