The Iluka South Sea Keshi Pearl Necklace

Just read Katerina Perez' article featuring a unique South Sea keshi pearl necklace, considered one of the longest of its kind (article states it IS the longest) made using 42 large Australian keshi and that took the artist some 17 years to create!

From the Article (that you can read in full by clicking here):

The Iluka necklace, whose name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ‘near the sea’, was 17 years in the making, with 13 of those years spent sourcing the Keshi pearls and another four producing the final design concept. In total, it required more than 700 hours of handmaking, featuring 42 rare South Sea Keshi pearls (14.33mm to 19.43mm) from Broome, 149 Argyle pink diamonds for a weight of 3.91 carats, four hand-carved rock crystal petals from the White Rock Quarries in South Australia, and a further 564 colourless diamonds of 15.53 carats