An Amazing Pearl


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Jun 22, 2004
Sometimes you happen across a pearl that is just so amazing, you have to do something special with it.

This pearl has quite a story. I brought it to Mexico to show Blaire, Caitlin and Douglas with a few other, similar pearls. It it a color-changing, baroque, metallic freshwater pearl (tissue nuke).

The bag of "special" pearls was swiped from my hotel room and I thought the pearls were gone forever. After returning to LA, Douglas emails me to tell me that someone showed up at his farm trying to sell a bag of pearls that looked very much like the bag of pearls I had brought with me. He got them back!

Blaire and Caitlin talked me into turning this extra special pearl into a ring so I designed a ring to showcase the pearl.

Here it is! It's 18 karat, with just under one carat of VS2 diamonds and .4 carats of pink saphire.
Blaire is here right now taking some shots. I'll try to talk her into posting a few. It looks like a completely different pearl in her shots.
This is Blaire's shot, the master photographer:D She captured a lot of green at this angle.


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I just realized, you can see Blaire in the reflection along with a few other of the special baroques.

Beautiful! In what ways is it color changing, Jeremy?

Do you see the way the pearl in this last shot goes from pink to a sort of gold and then into green? The color changes depending on which angle you view the pearl from.
That is some astonishing color! It's good to see different shots to get a sense of that color changing-ness of it.

Just curious - does this lead to marketing/a market for color-change in the same way we see it for some other gemstones?
It's something one finds all the time in Tahitian pearls and something you see a lot in the fireball freshwaters. I don't know really about a separate market for something like this. Every pearl is so different and individually beautiful. I think they seem to work best in pieces like this ring, where the ring was built for the pearl, not a pearl selected for a setting.
Pretty Pearls! Here are the purloined pearls, embraced by a natural white hanadama strand... ;)

Exotic Metallics w Natural Whites.jpg
Blair and Jeremy,
What camera was used to photograph that beautiful pearl on that ring?
Was the picture photoshopped and if so how?