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  • Thank you so very much. Sorry I was delayed but I haven't been available lately. Thank you so very much.

    Love the designes you are incorporating- gems , pearls and who knows what will be next. I will pray for your success. No better to work at something your love
    Pearl angel
    Hi there! Your new pieces are delightful, Mist! I can see the Indian influence on the bracelets through the goldwork. Love them! And you are lovely too, as I can see from your profile photo...:)
    Pickles is very cute... and looks very spoilt... my budgies are just outside on the verandah chattering away.
    Hi there! Am doing well, thanks....how are you? In the midst of festivities at your end? Have a wonderful holiday season!:)
    Wow - thanks for the pictures, Mist! It does seem like a fascinating part of the world.....Hope to go there some day! Thanks a ton! The sunset is gorgeous in the barren desert beauty! :)
    Amazing! You must be very good with languages! Punjabi is my mother tongue as I am from Punjab (Amritsar). Good luck for all your endeavors, and its great to know you through this forum! The Indian jewelry on my website (www.myindiastop.com) is mostly from Rajasthan, and it might remind you of what you have seen when you were there! :) See you!
    Lovely photos from India, MistofCassiopeia! The Taj Mahal picture is gorgeous. Seems like a recent trip. Your picture of the Udai Vilas made me pretty nostalgic....I have lived in Udaipur for 6 years as my husband is from there....:)
    Budgies?? As in the Australian ones? Are there many of them in Canada?

    Long long story but my husband has been breeding budgies on and off (mostly on) since he was about 8 years old..
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