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  • Hi Miriam,
    thank you for your friendship request :) , I'm so glad you enjoyed my album! Isn't it great that we can share the pleasure of our pearls with other addicts ;)
    I enjoyed your albums too, stunning mountains, cute kitties and dreamy pearls aaahhhhh. The mountain scenery is absolutely stunning in it's splendour. I live on the coast and the highest thing around here is a sand dune!

    Kind regards from Kerry.
    Hi Miriam! Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm kind of computer-challenged, so forgive me as I learn. Cool site. I'm officially overwhelmed. Are you an expert of some sort in pearls? Seems like everyone here has some kind of specialized knowledge.

    Take care,
    Hi and thanks for being my friend!! Your mountain and pearl pics are fab:) aw, cute kitties!!!
    Hi! No more sneezing. Thank goodness, because Savannah became impossible about the medicine right near the end. Whew! You wouldn't think indoor kitties would catch something. Everything is good here. I hope all is well with you. ;)
    I came home to three sneezing cats. We all got sick! Needless to say, they run from the sight of the antibiotic-wielding mom! ;)
    Thanks, Miriam! It is amazing what a nicely taken picture of beautiful pearls can do for your image, isn't it? :D
    I am in Lancashire. I have family in Essex though. What part of essex. My late cousin's partner lives in Kelvedon on the A12 - right near Tiptree of jam making fame
    Great family story on your website! Do visit China whenever you can - it is a vast country with a lot of beautiful places to see!
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