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  • Francesca,

    Thanks for the contact, certainly glad to have you as a friend. The book, that is, the new one; The French Blue has a fan page on Facebook as well.

    Hi there and welcome back! I joined your pearl group on facebook, but do keep pretty busy with P-G and Etsy store--thanks!
    Hi La Contessa,
    The post about applying for membership is just for fun. There is no rule nor requirement to join. We just post our creations to show and learn from other members. I am sure with your prior experience, you'll be knotting away. I knew nothing about knotting pearls until Dec '08. Now I love it. Just restringing my own pearls though. Welcome.
    Ahhhh - sold the house - yeah - had a gall bladder attack - booo - got a great surgeon - yeahhh - had to wait because I got a kidney stone attack - boooo - got the kidney stone blasted - yeahhhh - got a skin infection - boooo - finally got the gall bladder removed - yeahhhh - now I can check all the new cool info on PG - yeahhh yeahh yeahhhhhhh
    Nice to have you around again Francesca! And Merry Christmas to you and yours, too..
    "We have a close friend that lives and works there"
    Really! For his sake I hope he wasn't too close to the shore when the hurricanes were going by. On the other hand when the weather is fine you want to be near the beach. (I'm stuck in the center of the island :mad: )
    We'd be glad to do it. Our firm has strung for over 50 years and there is not much we can't do. We have tons of references if you wish to investigte us before you send the item. Easiest is e-mail to ""
    address to Norm
    Francesca - thanks for the compliment!! The piece in your avatar is really quite stunning. Is it a family heirloom, or were you lucky enough to happen upon it somewhere?
    Hi Francesca - love your page, and your albums!! Nice to have you join our forum - hope you don't waste too much time on it like the rest of us! Looking forward to getting to know you better,
    One thing about me, is I looooove photographs! Fortunately, there isn't a shortage of them. Check out the forums for topics that interest you, or use the search feature, but search within the forum. I'm happy to be your new pearl friend. ;)
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