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  • Hi Eugenie, Thanks much for the link to the dog photos! You are correct, I don't speak or read Russian! But photos tell wonderful stories!!! I see you are very beautiful also!
    Eugenie, you shouldn't wait so long to bring a new puppy home, they bring so much joy and love to our lives. Our loved pets from the past will never be forgotten !!! So just do it !!!
    Borzoi are magnificent !!! I knew a young woman in Buenos Aires that owned 7 of them. I felt so jealous.....:)
    Yes Eugenie. Ajax was a Saluki of American origin, hence his bigger size. Normally Salukis are more delicately built.
    thank you so much for your lovely message, it really made my day! your mother is too kind :)
    Was... Sorry to hear that. Sadly, everyone must go sooner or later. Hope he was a great joy to you. My dog left me more than 10 years ago, and I still haven't had another dog... I didn't have time, didn't have the resources, but, most importantly, I think I didn't have enough courage. May be in a year or two I will bring another pup home.
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