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  • Hi Blaire, I'm very happy that Knotty is using them, we had wonderful time in San Diego's Zoo and Sea world. Sorry that I didn't know you then.
    Thank you so much for the story of Christian the Lion,
    It made me so happy for a while
    I thought I'd set him as my avatar. Obviously not. :)

    His name is Sebastian. Though I haven't seen him for years. I think he was all of 8 to 10 months old in that photo.

    Any way I'll try and get some photos up on the weekend.
    I do have some photos. I recently scanned some to put up on Facebook. There are far too many but I'll try and get a few that may interest you.
    Oh - I just saw your message on my profile page! Thanks for visiting! You are lovely too :)!
    Hi GemGeek,
    I think I figured out how to reply to your nice email, without it becoming a public post on the Pearl-Guide forum.
    Let me know if this worked.
    PearlPoor aka Laura
    Hey! Great idea! I do need to take some new photos also, I have put a few up in the meantime-----new ones not strung yet! Guess I could just photo the strands.
    Hi, Blaire,
    Tell Octavia thanks for influencing Jeremy to create the new men's necklace. It is stunning.

    And yes, I am still too timid to try to post my 18" 8-9mm. freshies, and my newest acquisition of pearls from C. Cardellini - a white baroque rope 10ish mm. LOVE them both. I guess I feel like PearlPool (missing Mikis) who came to pearls late in life. I always loved pearls, and still have the two yellowed "pearl" collars children wore in the 50's, as well as a yellowed "pearl" clutch purse from my grandad. I learned that "cultured" pearls were just glass beads and scarcely worth having, and that only the very rich could afford "real" pearls. Well, phooey, I finally decided I was rich, and wanted one good strand. Then I discovered PG, and oh, what a delight, and education. A thing of beauty really IS a joy forever, isn't it?? I'll continue to learn from the wings, but thanks for checking on me.

    Wanting my 3rd strand of "real" pearls,
    But..... living together must be the best for both of you. Can you imagine living in distant places? So think always positive !!! And warm regards to your mother. She will overcome this difficult time, she is still young and in good company.......
    Blair dear, I didn't see your message until now.....
    thank you and thank you. :)

    How are you and how is your mom?

    Your kittens are adorable !!!
    Dear Blaire:
    About the 'Pets' thread. I tried for hours to get a picture of my pup on there. Figured out the avatar thing a while back but no go this week. As soon as my brain decides to be less inept with the technology, I'll post a pic. I'm working on it really I am...
    Progress, not perfection.
    Thank you for visiting my small album. My collection is growing... slowly. Wow!! you're so popular with 774 visits to your profile page!!! I hope I would get to see you and some of the PG members in Tucson next year. I was actually visiting Tucson on the day when the PG team had dinner with Jeremy.
    Hi Blaire..
    Dove chocolate..yumm!! Who wouldn't be happy with that?!!! So nice! Well I think the article will be great! As far as the photo, thanks!! I did take it.. worked out okay.. I think it will do for now for my avatar.
    I am so sorry to hear about your mom.. I have been on PG so little lately as I have been swamped with work that by the time I had caught up, and was going to message you it seemed as if things were better. I hope that things are different than Canada and your mom won't have to wait long to get in for her surgery so she can get in and get going with her speedy recovery. I'm sending well wishes your way from Canada ; ). You are such a positive person that I'm sure she'll be feeling fantastic any day now with you by her side to support her (you and Octavia that is!!) Congrats on your article in 'The Loupe' I can't wait to read it - what an honor!! When will your article be out??
    Hi Blaire! Thanks for the request!! Love all of your fun pictures & posts with Octavia!! Hope you are having a fantastic summer so far.. : )
    Hi, Thanks for adding me to your friends. Iʻm Sheryl (Waimeamomi). I didnʻt even know about this part of the forum. Oh-oh, more distractions!
    haha, thanks so much! I have been lurking around pg for a while, and finally have something pretty to post!
    Thank you Blaire! That gem show was crazy. I can only imagine Tucson--small gem city? I'm so glad I found that strand. The luster is most unusual. I just dropped off the strands at PP for stringing. Pick them up on Friday--woohoo! I'm so glad you like the photos! I'll post more when they're finished. :)

    I like your page! You look lovely in your photo!
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