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  • Yes, your avatar popped up in my friends window today and it brought a big smile. Such a wonderful photograph! I hope you are well and happy! ;)
    Hi there, thank you for your nice comment. I was greeted this morning with a beautiful pearl coil from your avatar. How nice is that?
    Nice, bet you?re missing them lots? I`m still admiring them on Photobucket...

    I`m great thanks, visiting my English boyfriend. He?s asleep right now though. ;)
    Girlfriend -- I love your pearl photos! Great job on the new "catch". I've gone back to shows plenty of times. First you see everything and it's a bit overwhelming. The next day you start thinking more about what you saw and that maybe you really need "x", "y" or "z"!!! It's best to get it because you might never see it again.
    Hi Kaywal,
    Thank you. Glad to be added to your friend's list. Enjoy the new FD necklace. It looks stunning on you.
    Congratulations on your birthday. I hope it has given you some "pearly" presents or something equal nice!

    Hi Kaywal,
    I've tried to add you to my friends list but you are not showing up yet. (I wonder if I did it right?)
    Regarding the Faberge rings... I have been asking for quotes and ended with various numbers around 2k for the setting (at least I'd trust it be as good as the original!). But the design seems to demand a smallish pearl - 'small' by cultured pearls standards, at least, or else it just looks way different. I am thinking 'conch'. However, the project will have to wait.

    A friend is having a version of the design made by the same jeweler - a more complex ring with a green stone. I'll post when ready, but it could be months... there's a backlog.

    Sorry if this is more then you ever wanted to hear. The question came twice on the thread ;)

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