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  • Well survived the holidays, had friends over and did a lot of shopping (they come once a year to shop). My girlfriend saw my workshop and went home all excited to try her hand at making jewelry! I hope to find some new pearls in 2009 - have sold some lovely rare coloured pearls lately. I also saw an Hermes bag I wanted, hmmm, how many pearls do I have to sell? lol Cya Amrita
    Hi Amrita,

    It's always nice to make a new friend on P-G! It looks like you and I are both snow bound!

    Keep Warm!
    Hello Amrita, Guess I was so distracted by the snow here I missed your birthday! Hope it was wonderful!

    Hi Amrita - just a quick Happy Birthday message for you.. I hope you have been having a wonderful day ..
    Thanks, hehe! No, it?s a character from a video game called Paper Mario for Nintendo 64. She?s a ghost and it?s called Bow. :)
    Hi Amrita,
    It took me 9 days to find your message. Sorry.
    Ajax was my beloved Saluki, a very special dog. His photo is placed here on the table.........
    Hi Amrita,
    Thanks for the comment. I'm not actually sure how to post such a large profile picture. I did it so long ago. I believe I did it the same way you did, just using a larger image.
    What a sweet message you left me! The life you see is because my husband took the photo - he infuses what he sees when he takes photos of me.
    Thanks for looking at my pictures Amrita! I loved India. I presently am studying Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Gujarati as well as getting my gemologist degree so am pretty busy. I would love to return, and Udaipur and Jaipur were my favourite places. The richest of the colours (the jewelery) were tantalizing. The rajputs themselves are a very handsome people. See you around!
    Hi Amrita,
    I visit "my heart belongs here" almost every year. I wish I live there. I love your photos; and would like to visit China some day.
    Amrita - thank you for your kind comments. Yes, the walk is beautiful - I do get out and hike as often as I can. I love your China photos too, and thank you for letting us watch your video..
    My friends just came back from Shanghai and said it's their new favorite city. Someday I hope to get to China, or at least Hong Kong. ;)
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