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Recent content by Amrita

  1. Amrita

    Are freshwaters ever specifically farmed to mimic white south seas?

    White Edisons strands that I have seen recently may not exactly rival a top quality white SSP strand but they are getting closer and closer with each new lot. The surface is quite smooth, the luster is amazing, and the white has a silvery sheen..Here's a pic
  2. Amrita

    Sliced pearl designs?

    Hmmm - "sliced pearl" doesn't sound quite right, I admit the phrase is rather disturbing?. But the designs are rather intriguing. See this bracelet for instance..
  3. Amrita

    Sliced pearl designs?

    Came across this interesting Wall Street Journal article (through Twitter) on the evolution of pearl jewelry designs over the years but it was the sliced pearl bracelet that caught my attention. I then googled the designer and found her website. Her designs are quite extraordinary, to say the...
  4. Amrita

    New look website

    Would like to share with my P-G family some good news. At last we have been able to launch our new look website - still at harmonypearls.com?but with new features and hopefully easier navigability and more user-friendly. Some finishing touches still being given, and crinkles being removed? Some...
  5. Amrita

    South Sea pearls on Indian jewelry?

    Hi Folks!! Came across this picture on an Indian bridal jewelry website - there was no description of the golden pearls with the picture. Don't you think they look like drilled through golden South Sea Pearls? Size seems to be about 12-13 mm. Thought this would be something different and exotic...
  6. Amrita

    New rope...

    Ropes always fascinate me. Am sharing one that we completed recently about 88 inches long and with a little silver ribbed ball clasp. Used 8 little white 4.5-5 mm pearls and one 8 mm pearl and so on. Happy with the finished necklace. As usual hard to part with it. :) Sharing some photos.
  7. Amrita

    Best clasps for long, heavy necklaces

    Katbran, these 2 kinds of ball clasps have worked well for the largest, heaviest pearls. They are sturdy as they are hook and click clasps and can be found in a range of sizes. The necklaces in the pictures are about 11mm+ to 15 mm or so.
  8. Amrita

    Need help identify this pearl

    Welcome thinkerpearl! Lovely photos! Judging from the size and the luster, they could well be South Sea pearls, as Pattye said. However, it is the slight rose overtones that makes me wonder if they perhaps could be bead nucleated FW Edison pearls - see pictures that I have uploaded just to give...
  9. Amrita

    Santa, baby.......bring me some pearls

    Those are stunning, Caitlin! Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2014 to all P-G folks!! May you get bags full of pearls! :D
  10. Amrita

    Isolating DNA to check whether pearls are real...

    I came across this article and thought it is a cool piece of news where a scientific method has been used (by isolating DNA from pearls) to identify the oyster that produced the pearls. Here is the link to the article: http://phys.org/news/2013-10-bad-news-fake-pearls.html
  11. Amrita

    Ming the mollusc

    I thought this might interest us here: http://www.scienceworldreport.com/articles/10913/20131114/meet-ming-507-year-old-mollusk-worlds-oldest-animal-carries-clues-about-climate-change.htm
  12. Amrita

    Girls in pearls! :)

    Came across this on twitter....thought people here would be interested to see how pearls are being used in the fashion world today..This is Thai-American designer Thakoon Panichgul's Spring 2014 collection. Enjoy! Don't forget to click the "Launch Slideshow" button under the write-up...
  13. Amrita

    Multi-Strand (3 or more) Necklace Challenge!

    Thanks Cecilia, here's a picture that should help to answer your question :)
  14. Amrita

    Another look at some modern pearl designs..Vogue Australia

    Here's a link to the lovely slide show on the Vogue Australia website: http://www.vogue.com.au/fashion/accessories/galleries/how+to+wear+pearls+the+new+way,25824?pos=0#top I LOVE the shoes..:) Enjoy!
  15. Amrita

    Wall Street Journal article on the allure of pearls...

    Thought it would interest P-G folks to have a look and read this: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324108204579024753508451672.html Enjoy! There's even a pearl chair in the slide show that accompanies this article!! :)