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  • I have to say hi to Mans and Happy Birthday to you now because I'll be taking a night class for almost three weeks and won't be around much.

    I hope your big day is special! ;)
    That's a fun new avatar, Mervione! Looks like the moon is holding an ice cream that what it is? :)
    Hi There! You should put your kitty mascot in your gallery here or use kitty as a background.
    Hi Mervione - Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm relaxing with the sound of the Pacific in my ears and the crisp sea air around me, thanks to my husband and his surprise trip. AND PG in front of me. How cool is that?
    Hey Mervione:
    Hope you are having fun on the Pearl Guide. I can't believe how much I've learned here, or how many friends I've made.
    Betty Sue King laid different colors of Tahitian pearls across the inside of my wrist and it was instantly obvious which ones were NOT flattering. Sadly, some of the colors I liked best made me look yellow. The bright green ones were the best on me. I hope you have fun finding the right colors for you. ;)
    Nice, bet you?re missing them lots? I`m still admiring them on Photobucket...

    I`m great thanks, visiting my English boyfriend. He?s asleep right now though. ;)
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