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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

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  • Gorgeous greys Rianne.
    I like that tassel 86Corvettegirl. Did you make it yourself?
    Beautiful tahitians Jeg, I am also making a small tahitian strand, but it's still a bit short. I have ordered more.
    Such gorgeous luster on your tahitian bracelet Frost Me.


    • Wow, love them all.

      I wore my new ombre' tin-cup and Winter Snowman and Summer Rainbow as earrings to the grocery store. A random lady approached me and said, " I love your pearls." I was so stunned, I just said, "Thank you."

      On a different day, denim and pearls. Ombre' tin-cup and Tahitian and opal earrings from Kojima. La Perlagrina from Kamoka.

      Click image for larger version

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      little h necklace and pendant. POJ metallic drops on Mom's diamond oval hoops.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8736.jpg
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      Today, Hanadama rope and studs, and baroque akoya necklace, all from PP. The baroque akoyas are really pinked. Mom's akoya ring (not pictured).

      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8748.jpg
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      • We love your pearls as well Bweaves, new rainbow ombre tincup is devine.


        • Wow corvette i like the coral colour on you! Matches your top too. Is it real coral?

          Jeg, baby T's, sheet! They're small enough to combine with other T's.
          May i ask where they're from?
          I'm searching for size 7 or below, but that's verry difficult to find.

          Frost me, i love your bracelet! Nice sweet pale colours, just my type of colours and style

          B weaves your tincup takes my breathe. Wow wow! I was eyeing on this one by kojima, keep starring on it.
          Your pinkisch akoya are sweet, perfect combination with the White rope.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	20200831_121456.jpg
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          My pearls today. With 3 pakkages with pearls to, sold a few handknotted strands and plain necklace with pearls.
          Yes i did a happy dance today ����


          • Hello, you guys are Deeevine! And you all look beautiful.
            Congrats on your sales, Rianne!!!!

            I’ve been dying for days, because I almost bought a silver Tahitian necklace from the PP Wave sale, BUT! didn’t because I really want a GSS harvest rope and missed them, BUT! I kept browsing and fell in love with this keishi necklace instead.

            Every time I tried to get on PG since I bought it Wed, my phone would get so hot, and the browser would spin forever and quit. I even iced the phone with a frozen limoncello bottle (it’s flat). My phone just sucked the frozen right out of that glass.

            I was beginning to wonder if I was being punished for jumping off Ban Island and swimming for it, BUT! It seems to happen every August-September and December, no matter what, so....

            It arrived today, and I love every single pearl, every single little whipped cream blob! They’re all soap-bubble-iridescent shiny, and unusually beautiful shapes. When I get better light I’ll try to shoot them alone.
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            • I wasn't able to get on P-G for the last 2 days...couldn't resolve hostname. But I was wearing my colorful Ts:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	colorful_Ts_neck2.jpg
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              • Beautiful and fun Tahitian multicolor stand Linda Wald!

                Lisa C, your Kesha strand is lovely!

                Ríanse, congrats on your sales!!

                BWeaves, love the ombré tin cup ad well as you little H emerald pendant and all your Akoya strands!! Beautiful combinations!!


                • Thanks, Ladies.

                  Jeg, your Kamoka stand looks outstanding with those baby T's!

                  Gorgeous Tahitian bracelet, Frost Me! Wonderful luster!

                  Yes, Charlotta, I made the tassel myself. I want to make a Tahitian one but have to find the right Tahitian pearl for it.

                  BW, you look smashing in all your pear combinations! You go, Girl!!

                  Rianne, you look wonderful in your classic strand! Congrats on your sales!

                  Lisa c, your necklace is beautiful, each pearl is so unique & the do look like dollops of sweet whipped cream!

                  Linda_wald, I had the same problem but you look Maarvalous, Dahling!!!

                  Forgot to take a pic but I went super simple today & just wore my white metallic studs from PP.
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                  • Lisa C, your post cracked me up! Love your new necklace!

                    Beautiful pearls all around from everyone, as usual!


                    • FrostMe- what lovely drop shapes and wonderful lustre !
                      jeg - I run out of compliments lol The two GSS WSS are fabulous and the two Tahitians are great !
                      lisaC - You always make me laugh ! Crazy woman The freshwater Keshi are gorgeous - I love strands like that as the lustre is always amazing !
                      LindaW - Lovely long Tahitians ! Beautiful lustre !
                      BWeaves - I don't remember seeing the Ombre Tin Cup - great idea ! Looks wonderful !


                      • Bweaves, love the ombré keshi, just beautiful on the neck.
                        Lisa, that keshi strand is so nice. It has such luster and personality.
                        The grey drop bracelet from yesterday - so cool and elegant.
                        Too many to list them all individually, but you all look mah-vellous!


                        • OMG, too many pearls to compliment everyone. I love everything you all are wearing.


                          • Thanks everyone, and compliments to you all!! Everyone is looking so bright and pearly.

                            Rianne, the baby T’s are a little bigger than what you are looking for. They are in the 7’s. I knotted the strand with pearls I found from Druzy.

                            I have been knotting some staples to fill in a few gaps in my collection. I made a few strands of dark Tahitians, and a couple strands of mid-length range- a Tahitian and a golden SS. All from collected pearls, different sources.
                            Baby T’s with the dark Tahitian-
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	16C297F1-4C5C-4183-9ABB-A088FEDD2861.jpeg
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	09E6BF1D-E3DC-40F4-9BCA-6A3090D0F836.jpg
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                            Two 26” strands I recently assembled-
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	FF4A9A12-9CB6-495F-A167-AE4070C4DB74.jpg
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                            • You look great Rianne. And congratulations on your sales. Those small tahitians tahitians you want are from Alexander Collins. I bought a blue strand from Wendy at Pearlescence last year. I checked and she only has one multicolored strand left, but it's 7-7,8mm so not under 7mm. I think that mine was, don't remember really. I have since remade it. I measure the pearls some day. I don't know if anybody else sells these.
                              Your new keshi strand is gorgeous lisa c, I couldn't get on pearl guide for a couple of days as well...not even with ice.
                              Your colorful tahitian are beautiful linda.wald.
                              Jeg, your latest strands are stunning, very nice luster. And the colors of course. Beautiful.


                              • OMG those baby T's, jeg!!! I have a handful of them from Druzy, too; I want more because the colors are so great. I need to find better sources of loose rather than getting them 2-3 at a time...