Zebra pearls on eBay

To test the market? To sell more pearls? The only place they will sell is to the bead trade.

These are nice. They are Bo Torrey's school colors.37 minutes left link
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They do that on lots of items, so one has to pay attention if bidding or using Buy It Now. And if not happy with the purchase, returning an item would mean you don't get the postage back. Also, no ebay fees paid on postage! so more $$ for the seller. I am surprised ebay has let this go on.
You really ave to watch out for that from many sellers. I really prefer it when they start with a reasonable price, and do add "handling charges" to the shipping. The shipping for that item would be $10 a lb, so the rest is the true price of the necklace. $14 (including the 99c) PLUS $10 postage. Still a rip-off. Only if someone is in a fever of buying fervor would they not notice the shipping is over the top.

I too wonder why eBay allows this? It is clearly a rip off.
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They are some of the, if not the most, revolting pearls I have ever seen. For cheap bead necklaces maybe they would be okay but they are a horror, abomination and an insult to pearls of all kinds. Early Rice Pearls have much more class than these horrors. I would not want to be caught dead wearing Zebra (ugg) pearls.

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Oh, just not my cup of tea....

Oh good, I love tea.:):D I'd prefer it to these.

Seriously, I know people who might enjoy these. In Walla Walla, WA. where I am temporarily housed due to school, lots of people love to thrift shop and would enjoy the shiny aspect of these pearls.:) Thrift shopping seems quite popular, if you have the time. Many women say they love pearls but clearly have no inclination to find out much about them.:(

Catherine Cardellini has some nice green and black ones on her website.
They are lowly beader pearls. Meant for working women to wear during the day as accessories.Women who are into accessorizing their wardrobe are often big users of pearls and other beads, so painted pearls mean no more than decorative beads. It is how the overall look complements the clothing and shoes. I think the black and white zebra stripes have uses, in accessorizing. I would think the Fire Moountain types could find many uses for these and the other possible painted beads we mentioned so far.
After implanting the nucleus into the zebra do you suppose they have to sacrifice it to recover the pearl?
So nice to know that others have the nerve to write what I have been thinking :)
Every time I think I've seen it all, something else comes along! ;)

I just love it when you say that!!! (Mind if I picture Groucho giving that sideways look and wiggling his eyebrows?:rolleyes: Or Tweety Bird?:p).

Whenever I read that phrase, I know it's got to be good...