UK vendors to purchase 9-10mm Freshwater 18" necklace


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Sep 6, 2019
Hi everyone, lurker for a while but 1st post.

For our wedding anniversary I would like to buy my wife a freshwater pearl necklace.

Would like it to be a UK purchase (I want to pay in GBP and don't want to deal with customs paperwork or fees. If I want to return, UK address for this too).
Desirably I would like a vendor where I can drive (within a few hours of South Yorkshire) and choose first hand from a few in stock if possible (Premises unimportant, someone's living room is fine if they are reputable and honest).

Minimum spec.
Freshwater white 9-10mm
Length 18"
Lustre as high as possible
Shape "round" when mounted on necklace
Surface, good but small blemishes or imperfections acceptable
Clasp - Sterling silver or white gold.

I avoided based on forum posts here. Have found this at but not confident about what the lustre and quality in general will be like.
(I know head office is in US but their UK operation meets my criteria above)

Any recommendations?
I looked for a pearl-guide vendor list but couldn't find one.

You could check with Wendy Graham of Pearlescence (she is a Pearl-Guide member). I'm not sure if she sells in person or just online, though and I don't know how far she is from South Yorkshire.

Another P-G member in the UK is LondonPearl (managing director of London Pearl). Not sure how far London is from you! I believer they do make appointments in person for people if requested.
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I also recommend Wendy at Pearlescence. I have bought lots of pearls from her, mostly salt water pearls, but I know that she has lots of freshwater pearls as well. I don't know if she only sells online, but it's worth checking her website out. She will visit the Hongkong show soon, if she doesn't have what you are looking for she might find it there. She has found some lovely pearls for me there and hopefully finds some pearls for me this show as well. I do hope that you find some nice pearls for your wife.
Thanks for the replies, will look into those two then.
I will let you know how I get on.