TRIP AROUND THE WORLD? Feb 28th - Mar 26th

Yea Fiji was amazing and Justin and Leanne couldn't have been cooler people. Thanks for the great feedback on the videos! however I can't take credit for them. We had two people filming the experience and they are cutting these videos together, I was just taking the stills and talking on camera here and there. I did see a rough cut of the Philippines episode today and it looks really good so the film crew is doing a good job.
Trip around the world featured in J Hunters annual news letter!!!
Gem Hunters Promo

Gem Hunters Promo

This is the latest trailer that we are using to pitch the series to networks. The goal, to get this film on national TV and promote cultured pearls!!!
Think of Pearl Guide as a cross section of people who came to pearls and were amazed there was so much to learn, then determined to learn more. Pearl Fever on a major scale (as we have it on a minor scale here at P-G) means specialty boutique pearls from certain farms or atolls or islands in any combination will be like wines and wineries. I hope to see a lot more personal pearl farms and farmers posting here! And a lot more educated buyers. Just the thought of pearls finding their way almost from hand to hand - farmer to consumer with the internet, is staggering.

So many more people can get pearl fever!!! I am proud to be a carrier! Come bite my pearls!
I love that mentality Caitlin!!! I feel the same way, that is a visionary way of thinking, and in this digital age the opportunity is real! Pearl-Guide is such an amazing forum of people with that passion, if we all do our part to promote our favorite gem people will follow! It's all about that passion!
Gem Hunters is one program I would love to see. National TV if possible, but remember there are lots of distribution channels today: cable TV (it would be a natural for National Geographic TV, History Channel, and Discovery), direct sales through Amazon and iTunes.
Mikimoto Museum Pearl Island

Mikimoto Museum Pearl Island

Here is a little clip that we put together as we were walking around the museum on Mikimoto's Pearl Island!
Known as the Bosses strand Mikimoto collected the pearls to make this one of a kind strand himself over the course of his career. The center pearl measures 14.5mm Largest all round Akoya strand on earth?? (Was not able to get a better pic sorry)








Hey no problem at all! Glad that you liked it...Tell me about it Josh, the size of those Akoya pearls on that strand didn't even make sense to me they are unbelievable!!!
Oh my goodness gracious - just checked out this thread - incredible, apart from being reminded of the awful Tsunami - I remember that......

The large MM stand is - unbelievable...... I am guessing it is behind 1/2 inch glass......

What a wonderful trip !
Here is another shot of the same necklace.

The necklace is called Taisho-ren (The Boss's String of Pearls). It has 49 pearls and does graduate to 14 mm in the center. According to the information at the museum, it took Mikimoto 10 years to collect the pearls and the strand was given the name Taisho-ren because Kokichi was affectionately called 'Taisho,' meaning big boss.


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Interesting video and photos. Thanks for posting them. Some of those are amazing works of pearl art. As for Taisho-ren - That is certainly a fabulous necklace.
Out of all the amazing pictures that came from this trip this picture is one of my absolute favorites...I am sure that most are familiar with this image but for those who are not, this is perhaps the most iconic photograph ever taken pertaining to the history and foundation of the cultured pearl industry. This is (a photograph that I took of the original photograph) where Mikimoto was captured burning the inferior pearls from his harvest in the center of town. This was one of his most memorable acts of showmanship to prove that the pearls he offered were of only the highest quality. This was at a transitional period between a time where only natural pearls existed and cultured pearls were making there first appearance on the market. It was these acts of showmanship that helped the cultured pearl to gain acceptance. At the Mikimoto Museum they broke out their archives of original photographs like it was nothing and when this one hit the table I couldn't take a picture fast enough!
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That sounds about right, imagine the guts that it took to do that. Note the look of pain on the faces of the crowd.
His monopoly hat is pretty awesome...not going to lie, and his monopoly cain is on the ground next to the fire.