The Most Incredible Akoya Pearls I Have Ever Seen

Thank you all so much for your kind remarks and playing along with Andrew and I! Lisa c, please, no palpitations, lol. Enthusiastic squeals will do nicely.

oh my gosh yes, I can do waaaaay enthusiastic squeals!
Well-deserved, meted out judiciously, too.
We’re a picky crew.

(Oh ho, you had me laughing big time Pattye! I’d forgotten shocking palpitations have a whole new definition after a certain Age. In my head I’m still young, and palpitations are still about swooning love! Lol, in reality I’m a little old lady with a home-blood-pressure kit, hehehe.)
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oh wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a new akoya strand.. can 't wait to shop for a new one in just a few months!

thank you for the pictures~
Pattye and Andrew, thanks for sharing all of this. LOVE the pearls and the thread and knotting are perfect! It's a wonderful PG thread, not just because the pearls are so stunning, but it's a great lesson in selecting thread color. :)
You've all been so kind and generous in following this thread, and helpful with the thread colors, too!

I've also got some exciting news: Without giving away too much, this particular project, there's a very significant chance that I can make sure this strand will get to stay very close in the Pearl Guide family... :) -- Perhaps they can find their way to a ruckus someday?

Parrot Lady -- nonsense! :) Everyone's pearls are beautiful in their own right, and I'd certainly hope you'd never actually wish you were not wearing something around other pearls! We are all pals here because we can share in the beauty and appreciation we all have for these very special gems...

lisa C - I do certainly hope you are OK! :D No heart palpitations, please!

Katbran - Yes, Pattye sure does make a true skill like knotting look awfully simple. :D
They are breathtaking on that thread. I have a soft spot for Shell—I have it just because it’s so beautiful and I know I will use it someday.

Pattye, what wonderful handiwork—what a setting for those gems. The skilled knotting and thread color really let their beauty speak for itself.

Just looking at them gives me a nice boost this Monday! :)
Thank you all so much for the lovely compliments; coming from this group of accomplished stringers is special. In the end, making beautiful pearls look their best with inconspicuous knotting is what it's all about. On the other hand, one can go for contrasting thread and drama!
Very nice outcome! The pearls and clasp + the thread chosen all go really well together. Great work pattye!
It’s been a while since I’ve thought of it, but there’s a Rate this Thread feature up top, above the posts on the right. It’s a nice feature, not quite a sticky, but helpful in finding good threads later on.

I think this thread had a really nice mix of ideas and elements, aside from a gorgeous strand with a WOW factor, conversation about thread colors, samples, and great knotting.
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