The Most Incredible Akoya Pearls I Have Ever Seen

They will be gorgeous no matter what, but I think Shell gives them that certain “je ne sais quoi.”
I reduced the exposure just a little to see if it helped me see the knots better. It's a toss-up between Ivory and Shell for me, but I'm still concerned that Shell may seem too pink against skin, pinker than the pearls.

Pattye, you are the one seeing them in person. Try laying the mini strands one at a time over your forearm and seeing how they look against skin.

Pattye's 4 mini strands.jpg
The ivory knots look yellowish against the white background. I think we should judge against skin assuming this is a short strand and not a rope that would hang against cloth.
Yes, and it might be worthwhile also trying to knot up a mini strand with White and see how that is against skin. See what it looks like in diffuse light, too.

I say this because my baroque akoyas are clearly pinked but they look white against my skin and the white thread they were knotted with doesn't look overly white when the pearls are worn.

In this comparison shot the pinked baroque akoyas are on top, WSS in the middle, metallic white FWP on the bottom.

But on my neck, they don't look pink and the white (silk) thread doesn't look overly white (shot taken outdoors on overcast day.)

Andrew, did you ever share from where you acquired these beauties?

They were from a pearl seller who was able to look around and find them for this project! Truthfully I, myself, do not know exactly where they came from, just that it took about 10 months to find them, and they were purchased in Kobe, Japan. :)
Andrew, I think we all want to tiptoe into the back of the supplier’s shop and whisper sweet things into his/her ear, promising the World for the next strand...
High5, 86C!
It’d be lines around the block once the word got out, like at the hotel where the Beatles are staying in the 60s!
The Finale!!

There are 50 pearls, with the final length 18.75 inches.
These Akoya have natural high luster, just the customary treatment with pinking, no coating or artificial finish.

The Orbit is a great clasp choice imo; wearing it on the side the strand becomes a bit more casual. Worn with the clasp center front would allow a pendant to be added. We decided to knot with SHELL.

Pearl Dreams, always a pleasure to see your glowing pearls!

Thank you so much, Andrew, for sharing this extraordinary strand! And for following along, Pearl Dreams, Parrot Lady, Marianne, Charlotta, Paraltja, Katbran, Multichrome, Lilpearl, Loopysheep, Jgg, Cricket bug, La Corsetiere, 86 Corvette Girl, Gemandpearlover, BWeaves, lary 007, Lisa c, MSC, Octavia's Mom, SydK, Orient, Red, Seoulite, Happy Huku and Jesskat (+ anyone else I missed)!

Last photos, outdoor in the shade
IMG_1641 (2).jpg

Outdoor in the sun
IMG_1646 (2).jpg
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Impeccable work Pattye- you have only added to their beauty with your fine work. So gorgeous, sigh..............
Thank you Andrew, thank you Pattye, thank you mystery-supplier, and farmers, everybody, for the *!breathtaking fun!*, even shock and palpitations.

Can you imagine?????
Just beautiful- and beautifully knotted, of course!
Like Gemandpearlover said, impeccable knotting , Pattye! I think shell was the perfect choice. It's a magnificent strand of the most beautiful Akoyas I've ever seen! Definitely drool worthy!!
Beautiful knotting, Pattye! I sure wouldn’t want to be wearing my akoyas in the same room with those.
That gorgeous strand is even more gorgeous now. Beautifully done and shell looks great.