The Most Incredible Akoya Pearls I Have Ever Seen

So ~ the current question is ~ what color thread do I use? These Akoyas are pinked in the traditional way, plus have intense mirror luster! Here are some possible choices: (I did have to adjust the exposure a little in the photo.) I do feel a thread that blends is the best option as the pearls themselves are the whole show!

Considering colors from left: IVORY, SHELL, CREAM, CLOUD Your comments and suggestions are welcome! More observations tomorrow.

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Suggestion: knot up 4 mini strands-- maybe 3 or 4 pearls each-- using all 4 colors of thread, and evaluate the results.
Cringe-worthy question - revealing my ignorance for sure - we’re sure there’s no new surface treatment about to stun us speechless?

(hiding in my desk’s knee-hole, waiting for embarrassing fallout to pass)

Very nice strand indeed what a lustre! Lisa's question is actually very good and it is probably worth knowing that maeshori type (lustre enhancement) treatments (many people call different variations of treatments "maeshori" these days) are prevelant on all types of pearls (FW & SW). I don't think it is possible for anyone to prove whether any of these treatments have actually been applied to specific pearls though, so some with better knowledge than I would need to address that query. Just sharing what I have heard in the trade. Some frequent HK show attendees might be able to confirm the extent of the treatment across the different pearl types. I know some akoya and SS as well as most FW are exposed to such treatment per personal discussions in the trade.
What lovely pearls. As for thread colors, I think CLOUD is too grey, and CREAM is too yellow. One of my monitors favors IVORY, while the other favors SHELL. Those are my two finalists, and without additional information I think IVORY is the safe choice. But, I’d love to see sample knots, as PD suggests.
I think Cloud would be a great choice, but short test strands for comparison is a BRILLIANT idea. Looking forward to more pics as your time permits, Pattye!
wow.. no matter how many times I see this strand, it's still stunning....
It's not perfect but I tried to do a quick color correction of Pattye's lovely outdoor photo to give us a more accurate idea. :)

I'm thinking Shell. Such a lovely color on its own, but it will melt into the background and the pearls will beam happily.
Wow, it's going to look amazing.
Ivory or shell at this stage but look forward to seeing the samples...
Definitely agree with Red, I've used cream and it will be too yellow with those pearls. I think the knots would just look dirty.

I think that the ivory or shell are probably the two to try.

Those are the most amazing pearls.

As for the treatments - Jeremy would know best - but from my conversation with Paspaley and some of the other farmers, most pearls undergo a 'treatment' in that they are polished. The polishing varies depending on the compound used. I'm quite sure that the company that produced this strand wouldn't have done anything beyond the normal treatment that occurs in Japan.
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Against skin, even pinked pearls look I'm tentatively voting for white thread until I see the mini strands.
I think at the moment I am in agreement with PD about the classic white thread, but who knows -- perhaps the mini strands will surprise us and shell will be a dark horse that comes through and looks really lovely. :)

Lovely photo, Pattye, and can't wait to hear more!
Looking closely down the drill hole with the 10x and 20x loupe, I can definitely see thick nacre. How I wish I could have taken a photo. These pearls are as close to flawless as I've ever seen with their mirror luster, roundness and lack of blemishes!

So ~ here is a photo taken outside showing pearls knotted with the various threads. With all pale threads, the differences seem subtle to me, how about for you? In order CLOUD, IVORY, CREAM, SHELL I'm thinking white might be too much contrast as these pearls are so colorful.

IMG_1639 (3).jpg
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I like the shell a lot! The white almost makes it look like an imitation strand, I think, funny enough. The Shell looks wonderful though.
Oh my God, those akoyas! No words can describe their beauty.
The pearls are quite pinked, so the shell looks perfect to me