Tahitian Pearl Farming: A day in the life...

A man must earn his dinner. Fish is nice, but when is truffle season?
Really great pics! Sooooooo intesting to see your work up close. And what a setup! Thanks for sharing
Truffles are the hole in my shroom knowledge I have to admit. Morels on the other hand! They will be up soon, probably in the next few weeks. Can't wait!
Thanks Isabelle. :) We have a vid on our website that goes into it in good detail as well.
I've beem tracking these posts. Very entertaining! Thank you all.
Hello Josh and friends;
What an entertaining thread this is.
In one week, I will (with husband and two sons) be embarking on my first scuba dive .... into the deep end of our local pool. Then later, the frighteningly cold local waters off Vancouver. Wish me luck! I can't wait.
I will wear my Kamoka pearl on leather for good luck.
Linda. :)
Thanks Nora, Kat and Sheryl. :D
Linda, I'm glad to hear you will be diving with your necklace. The ocean is where it'll be the happiest. ;) Enjoy our chilly waters, there's plenty to see and marvel at up here.
Welcome back to the chilly wet NW, Josh.
There really are Great Whites commonly around in these waters: do keep an eye out. They are like spiders - one is usually nearby even though you don't see it. You're most at risk on top of your surfboard, with your arms an legs dangling off the sides. Evidently this look is what all the seals are wearing to dinner at Mr G.W. Shark's, unaware that they are the featured main course.

Love those pics: transportational. Very welcome after the winter you've been missing and we've been enduring.
Thanks for those uh, reassuring (?) words about our fishy friends. Statistically there is one attack per year on the entire West Coast of America (of course there were three here last summer) and although those are just stats and yes, they do live here I figure my chance of getting chomped is far smaller than getting smashed by a motorist while running down the road. :)
Crazy March huh? I heard it was the wettest on record.
I have buddies who do. The kingfish and jewfish they bag are pretty amazing.
I have a friend from Hawaii who gave me his first person experience of diving with a school of GW sharks. He was one of the first if not the first to leave all safety behind and actually take rides holding onto the shark's dorsal fin. It was filmed by National Geographic. I wonder if anyone on the -guide saw it?
Hey Josh

ckeck this one out - I think it's real cause the guys look like their heart rate is about 130 bpm - and they're staying down....


couldn't find the Hawaii one, love to see it, but there are a few out there now that look like they've been 'put together' - there was one where a free-diver was playing with a huge white like a puppy - actually I think he would have been pate......

these animals are just awesome
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Wow, mesmerizing video. I'm going spearing on Saturday and I'm beginning to wonder about the intelligence of watching GWS vids. :p I found it especially disturbing when they showed the sharks moving quickly. Agreed about how awesome they are.
Here's my buddy Mark talking about his experience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_rcQfKRQTc Fast forward to 2:40 to get to the part about sharks.
Josh - watched the clip - that is a serious surfer-shark dude

when he was talking about the shark 'focusing' on him, I nearly freaked, and I'm on dry land.....

LoL :cool:
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Oh, and it's Saturday now - so I'm thinking........ Jaws music......

have a great dive !! ;)
@Alex: Yeah, I know that "visual" got me as well.

Well Saturday was full of amazing diving and tons of fish. I bumped into a friend on the beach who offered to paddle me out with him on his kayak to an offshore rock a full kilometer off the beach. Knowing the fishing would be better than along the beach where I planned to dive, I jumped on with him. The dive went great with lot's of fish then when it was time to head home, we realized the paddle had fallen off the kayak and drifted away. I stood up on the tippy kayak and spotted it a good ways away. By the time we hand paddled over there we got so much water in the bilge, the kayak became un-steerable. My friend managed to paddle back in a zigzag line and I swam the whole way on my back, also going in a zigzag because I couldn't see where I was going. Man did I feel like shark bait, looking skywards and kicking with my hands at my sides. This conversation on Pearl-Guide came right back to me as I had plenty of time to mull over my predicament. :D