Tahitian Pearl Farming: A day in the life...


Hi everyone. Sorry for being away for so long. I just got back from a good long stint on the farm and in Tahiti and have some pics I thought would be fun to share. This is Laurent (Kamoka's farm manager) diving down to retrieve some oyster baskets in one of our cleaning stations. You can see some fish at the bottom of the photo that are doing some last minute touch ups on the oysters before they go back out to deep water.
I hate to tear myself away to go to bed, but I know what I will be dreaming about! :cool:
Gidday Josh, been wonderin where you at.

Must be nice having croc free diving sessions.
Haha, yeah Dave croc free sessions indeed. I went spearfishing here in the chilly Pacific North West for the first time yesterday (in my dry suit) and that was croc free as well. There could have been Great Whites in the area but we try not think of those. :D
I'm in South Australia...don't talk to me about SHARKS .... you practically have to walk across their backs to get out to the waves. (I am a touch, just a touch mind you, paranoid on the subject) If I had to contend with Crocs as well..I'd move to the desert...bad enough they can get you in the water..I don't need something that walks out of it to grab you.
Hi Josh - Great Whites..... I don't suppose you've ever met one......

I can't imagine anything more scarry !!!!

Lovely picture of the oysters though :cool:
Josh said:
I went spearfishing here in the chilly Pacific North West for the first time yesterday (in my dry suit) and that was croc free as well.

Rusty's the one deaing with crocs. Up here in the emerald seas, I've had most of my run-ins with lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus). Males guarding the nest can really pack an attitude.

Otherwise it's lions.


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There is an awful lot to be said for nice, quiet England in this respect. No nasties - the only dangerous animal is the adder, and I've never seen a single one in all my less-than-enthusiastic climbing up large damp hills in the Lake District. No evil spiders, or flies, or large cats, or wild dogs, or anything. The most lethal creature I come across is my cat, Yossie, who lives with my parents and is a positive hazard to rodents of all sizes. Dad calls him Pol Puss, or Chairman Miouw, as the mood takes him.

I admire lions and so forth at a nice, safe distance. From here to Kenya, say.
Wow, that pic just magnificent. It's also nice to see how it's done underwater. Simply beautifull. Thanks for sharing :0)
What a great string of laughs from Oz to Canada to the UK. :D :D :D!!!
Alex, I have not met a GWS and hope to keep it that way!
Dave I agree about lions being pretty scary. There are a couple of cougars at the zoo near our house and they are scary even behind an inch of plexi.
Thanks Isabella. :)
Great vid Alex! I've seen it before and it makes me laugh. :D I'm hoping to get my first Ling sometime soon. I've got my spearfishing gear mostly sorted out and I'm just about ready to go bug 'em. :)