Pearl Farming in Ecuador has Begun!

Our friend César Lodeiros in Ecuador just sent me this information about PEARL FARMING in Ecuador...the story continues!

"Today was a great day for the UTM (Technical University of Manabí)... it is a step towards excellence!
I want to thank and recognize the will of ALL the INBICUM group, including the students who participated, but especially Luis Treviño and his engineering skills for the great will to carry out the construction and commissioning of the floating cultivation platform, with endless problems that he was able to solve, without leaving behind Jorge Vélez, Alan García and Edgar Zapata, who put mind, strength and heart to carry out the difficult task of today, which many saw as unlikely.

The help of the mayor's office of Sucre was extraordinary with a subtle and effective maneuver to be able to launch our platform without inconvenience; in the same way, it was very important the help of the Port Captaincy for the mobilization and installation of the cultivation platform and Puerto Amistad that gave us all the possible support ... Thank you all!

With a lot of effort, the UTM already has its own cultivation platform, its more than 80 square meters and will help us ensure the best possible training to generate more professionals for Ecuador, and to continue on the path of doing relevant research in order to turn the wheel of progress towards the diversification of aquaculture.
It wasn't easy... but with will and professionalism, today the UTM-Sucre and especially the Research Group in Mollusk Biology, has taken a giant step! This cultivation platform is the product of a strengthening project for development under the agreement of the Municipal Autonomous Decentralized Government of the municipality of Sucre and the Technical University of Manabí."
He was interviewed by local media and a video was posted in Facebook (in Spanish).

Some photographs of the recent harvest and their new pearl farming platform:
Mabes de Ecuador (5).jpeg

Mabes de Ecuador (1).jpeg

Mabes de Ecuador (2).jpeg

Mabes de Ecuador (4).jpeg
So interesting! You know how I love mabes...
I know you do! And I reckon their prices will be much lower than the Cortez Mabe. Interesting tidbits: in just 7 months their "Rainbow Lips" can attain the size of the ones in the Gulf of California. If pearl farming does take off in Ecuador, they could become an affordable option within the next decade.