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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


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And now for something completely different:


A very different kind of stringing, seed beads with a shell cameo and a faux pearl drop. I wish it were a real drop, but I could always swap out the pearl.


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I'm a cloth weaver, not a bead weaver, although I've done some stringing. I bought the necklace from another artist. It was her show piece. I think I ruined her display by buying it, but I just love to wear it in the fall.

Besides, I love shell cameos and pearls, so I knew it was coming home with me. The artist did an amazing job of making the leaves curl. I still don't know how she did it.


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That's fabulous BWeaves! YES, you could up the ante and switch out the pearl to a real one in the future ... how fun it would be to search for the perfect pearl!


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I would love to see a closeup of that necklace BWeaves! I've never seen anything like it and it is perfect for the fall!

I may not comment on all the posts, but I love this thread. Seeing everyone wearing their beauties makes me think I don't wear mine enough and your photos provide ideas and inspirations to do more with my pearls. Thank you all!


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Amazing pearls everyone!

Pearl Dreams - I love that heart shaped keshi!
ckrickett - It's nice seeing little dude get out and about and you sure have been busy with projects! Love them all!
JerseyPearl - Colorful tin cup - beautiful!
BWeaves - You look great in both the dog collar and the leaves!

Pearl Dreams

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Thanks pkinnew!

I had a little fun today with some bronzy, metallic baroque FWP that I was not wearing as a strand.

I bought some inexpensive (dirt cheap, actually) rose gold colored chain, head / eye pins and clasp findings at Michaels and combined them with a copper and resin pendant I also had been neglecting, to make this necklace. I also made a 2" extender, in case I ever want to wear it longer.

The base metal eye pins are a bit thicker than the silver and gold filled pins I normally use, and I had to use my bead reamer to widen the drill hole a bit.

I did not wrap both ends. Using the eye pins, it was only necessary to wrap on one end. The eye pin can be opened like a jump ring to connect to the wrapped ring of the previous pearl. It went fast.


  • Rose Gold Tin cup with pendant.jpg
    Rose Gold Tin cup with pendant.jpg
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  • Rose gold tin cup with pendant 2.jpg
    Rose gold tin cup with pendant 2.jpg
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I've been out of town for a week but I just got back! I brought a few pearly pieces with me but I mostly wore my ripple tin cup
the light in the room washes out the pearls and makes them look so brassy, they have better colors in real light.



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Anyone else like shell cameos? My mother collected them when we lived in England in the 1960s. Everyone else was going mod, but my mother loved the Victorian stuff. I started collecting them, too.


Left: Victorian cameo bought in Strafford Upon Avon, England in 1980. Right: Cameo bought in Florida, USA. I love that she's wearing a pearl necklace.


My wedding dog collar custom made in 1982. I found the cameo at a jewelry store and it had no setting and he put a yellow gold frame around it. The jeweler made the clasp different (white gold) per my request, so I could wear either the cameo or the clasp in front for different looks. He tried to talk me into bigger diamonds, and I just couldn't afford the extra money at the time. In hindsight, I wish I had splurged an extra $500 for 5 pointers, instead of the 3 pointers I asked for. I added the smaller pearls near the cameo and the clasp recently, as I wanted the necklace to fit a little looser and I didn't have enough extra pearls from the original strands.


And today it's my Vietnamese blue akoya necklace with blue topaz and diamond earrings, and my Japanese fisherman top.
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