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Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!


New member
Elaine I'm even more impressed your sweater was brown ... brown and pink is more sophisticated and edgy than the usual black and pink ) And WOW, those akoyas are ethereal and so lovely ;)

Douglas I SO hope you are wrong about that "winter" or I'm going to need to move south and maybe west ... at least for the winter ... shiver.
jeg somehow I missed your last posts, distracted by that pretty cat i suppose. Beautiful pearls as always, your new akoya wavestrand is amazing. Those colors are amazing.
CortezPearls I want to hear about that whale. Where you inside it when it was a live? The museum of natural history in Gothenburg had a huge somewhat preserved whale for display when I was a child. Maybe they still do? Haven't been there for 20 years or so. Anyway my mother told me that when she was young you could drink Coffee inside it. Like a café. She said it smelled something terrible. I loved that museum as a child. All those stuffed animals. It's terrible to think that all those animals were killed just to be stuffed with something and displayed. As a child I didn't think much about it. They could have displayed made animals instead. With plaster or whatever. As a child I wanted to see the lions, even cubs..., and the curious section...with a preserved two headed calf and even siamese twins (humans not cats) in a jar. Gastly really. Maybe that's why I haven't been back. Another longish post. I will be quiet now...


PG Forum Admin
It was definitively NOT ALIVE...actually quite dead! And quite bloated and putrid :yikes:
But it is a story I would love to share after a couple of drinks :shocked: It is actually quite funny!

CathyKeshi I do hope they are wrong about this winter! It is definitively not my forecast, but I am actually watching propane/natural gas prices take a price hike in Europe (and all over) and it seems this is due to the markets reacting to a harsh winter season. As the motto goes: "Winter is Coming!".

lisa c

Perpetual Pearl Student
Charlotta! You guys, aside from your fabulous pearls and outfits, the stories told are like sitting under a warm blanket, listening to yarns from loved ones. Never be quiet, please.


Traveling Pearl
Thanks Charlotta! I don’t blame you for that cute cat distraction. Eolian’s kitty held my attention, too. Thank you Cathy! You are too kind!

Ok Douglas, you’re on for a funny and hopefully not too disgusting:09: whale of a tale. Beers right? Before the next PBTB??:arms:

Kamoka studs and little h pendant-
Click image for larger version  Name:	B9367D7C-1549-49BE-A0F6-6F363500AAD1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.03 MB ID:	458159 Click image for larger version  Name:	B9367D7C-1549-49BE-A0F6-6F363500AAD1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.03 MB ID:	458159
So pretty jeg . The little h pendant really is a piece of art. Quite genius of Hisano coming up with those beautiful gemfilled pearls.
No worries there lisa c , I probably will continue making lenghty posts....
Thank you for all the kitty love!!! I managed to enjoy another sunny morning before the big storm hit us in the afternoon,C2292DD6-F728-462B-9829-811A07E88531.jpegand of course our Cindarella was with me... (Cenerina is her Italian name which fits her perfectly ... “cenere” means “ash” and that is a bit of her fur color, and the whole fairytale story of how she came to our house a poor little thing and became its queen fits her as well;-) So here goes another bracelet and (sort of ) kitty picture for you.

Jeg I absolutely LOVE both of your looks - the light one with amazing akoyas and the darker one with amazing Ts. Those gem packed pearls look like colorful tropical bird! So so lovely!

Charlotta that cafe inside a real whale story is crazy!!!! One of the most out of the box cafe ideas ever!!!! A Tim Burton movie kind of idea ;-) We rarely see whales passing by our island, in fact I only saw one in all the years I have been here but it is an experience I cherish! And seeing a whole bunch of them! Wow!


New member
Such beautiful pieces ladies! Visiting this thread is really such a treat!
Jeg, your jewelry is always fabulous but that rose combo is such a beautiful ensemble!!

My Xmas wish came early this year and I’m thrilled to share it with y’all! I mixed up with some older pieces I have! It’s a golden X’mas if I may say!!
48637F8A-487B-4C82-8126-6CEB4B03C7CD.jpeg - Golden

Golds - Golds


  • 0589EFE1-35B9-44B7-BD63-DC71D6ADF7FD.jpeg
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I love that bracelet of yours eolian pearls. I think it's that sideways keshi. One day I will buy some undrill pearls and drill them myself. Then I drill some keshi sideways. Such a lucky kitty to have found a nice home.
Lilpearl that's some pretty golden south sea pearls you got for christmas. Those are amazing


Traveling Pearl
Thank you, Charlotta, eolian, and Lilpearl!

Eolian, what a perfect name for your kitty! And a perfect morning with your perfect Tahitian bracelet to soak it all in. Your photos really draw me into your scenes, like I’m always on vacation!

Oh my, Lilpearl! We can always count on you to bring on the glitz with your fabulous SS pieces! Merry early Christmas to you, and may your holidays be golden and bright in your new bling!

And very casual here... Baggins wave strand doubled and a long strand of blue Akoya keshi from Kojima wrapped several times as a bracelet.
EB928F3D-B7F0-4660-A83E-5CA8CC6136FB.jpeg C9C05C35-278F-4405-8B22-D383AED7C9B3.jpeg


So many amazing pearls over the past few days - I don't even know where to start :D

jeg your baggins strand is not only beautiful but really versatile! I looks great paired with your akoya keshi strand/bracelet and that Kojima tahitian pendant. And I really love your little h double pendant. I'm also loving your "casual" outfit from yesterday!

eolian pearls Cenerina :heart: She is a lovely model for your colorful tahitian bracelets! I agree with Charlotta that the sideways keshi is really cool and adds personality to the piece.

Lilpearl Wowza, those are really gorgeous glowing goldens! They look fantastic on you!
Thank you Charlotta, Jeg and SurfnSci!

I am very fond of that sideways keshi, it was on a baroque T strand I bought on Rakuten in my first year of pearl collecting, half of those pearls were very “blah” unfortunately but the other half was pretty and is now a part of my different bracelets and earrings...

SurfnSci you mentioning the Pearlescence keshi strand led me astray...I went just to have a look at it ( it is gorgeous you definitely should get it;-) and ended up with a new pendant.... So I made a picture of my bracelets and pendants today in an effort to “shop in my jewelry box”...

jeg Love love your Baggins strand!

Lilpearl WOW your golden are incredible!!! Do tell us more about them please! Are they from Cees? How big are they?Golden and Diamond Christmas for you indeed!


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You have some beautiful pendants and bracelets eolian pearls. I mostly buy studs even though I have lost count of how many I have...yesterday I recieved a pair of 10,1mm deep pink edison studs from Pearlescence. They are gorgeous and I didn't have any studs in that color before.


eolian pearls what a lovely kitty! And beautiful pearls of course. Really enjoy looking at your pearl collection :08:. Please share photos of your new acquisitions

SurfnSci soft and beautiful ombré strand. Love the colour coordination

jeg absolutely love that multicoloured Vietnamese akoya strand! Such incredible colours! The matching T pendant almost got identical colour. What a rare colour for T. And that little h pendant is just amazing :love:

Lilpearl what a gorgeous GSS set! Perfect skin and lustre
Some of my colorful bracelets. My two Hearts Delight bracelets
_20211120_150558.JPG And my Forest Mist, Changing leaves and Oceans Mist bracelets
_20211120_150425.JPG Not all that sharp...
Thank you Charlotta and echo! I will surely post my new pendant pictures, no worries echo, will just have to be patient as it will arrive with my friend from the UK...next year...

Charlotta I LOVE your colorful bracelets!!! Heart’s delights are especially enchanting to me:heart:

We had another lovely day here and I enjoyed it with my bubble bracelet on the beach.0E247127-04CE-4E61-89EA-D591BAE66EE1.jpeg
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