Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

KauaiAnne You look absolutely stunning! You, your husband and your pearls are perfection! Best wishes to both of you! On a side note, you were made to wear pearls and you chose the loveliest ones! The most beautiful corsade ever and those SoC earrings!!! Gorgeous!!!
SurfnSci I LOVE your ring! It showcases the incredible blue of the akoya so well! Beuatiful! Can I ask how big is the pearl?

SydK Lovely circles! Yes I remember them well, the start of my fall down the CMW rabbithole;-)

I got 6 bracelet strands from them all together, not blues ( I was always late for those, why is that Charlotta? ;-))), but the circles, a rainbow ombre, two multicolors and two dark ones...Still waiting for the last three but in the meantime I received my new favorite tin cup made by Margaret of Simply Adorned with the CMW multicolors (and a few Druzy pearls as well). The design is exactly like Jeg’s tin cups with open orbit clasps on both ends and on bracelet as well...I LOVE that design Jeg, you are a genius!!! So many possibilities!!!! Dufficult to capture the colors but here we go....


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KauaiAnne both of you are picture perfect. You look so elegant and stunning in your beautiful pearls. Sending you my best wishes

@eolianpearls love love your new tin cup necklace!! And I’m not normally a tin cup person. This necklace looks so beautiful on you. Just wow :love:
KauaiAnne, many congratulations and best wishes to you both! What a stunning couple. Your torsade looks absolutely beautiful on you, and is the perfect complement to your elegant jacket.
eolian pearls I adore that tin cup - fabulous colours on the pearls, and the proportions of the chain are just right. I’ve never wanted a tin cup before, but I’m definitely considering it now…
eolian pearls I adore that tin cup - fabulous colours on the pearls, and the proportions of the chain are just right. I’ve never wanted a tin cup before, but I’m definitely considering it now…

I have to agree wholeheartedly! It's just perfect :biggthumpup:
KauaiAnne congratulations. You look lovely together. And your pearls are gorgeous as well.
eolian pearls. Amazing tincup and how very practical... About those blue bracelets...wasn't me...really it wasn't. I bought those almost a year ago
So happy to see you back with your beautiful pearls, SydK!

eolian, I’m delighted you liked my tin cup idea, and yours turned out beautifully!

Wow, SurfnSci, that is a killer color! Looks wonderful in your ring.

Congratulations KauaiAnne!! Wishing you much happiness and joy together!

Even though Pearls By The Bay was postponed, a few of us diehards decided to keep our reservations and meet up for a Kojima/Pacific Pearls rendezvous. Sunseeker and I met up in San Francisco, and toured around the city for a few days. It could not have been a nicer week to be in the Bay Area. Warm, clear blue skies, and quiet streets after the summer rush. We met up with Pattye, AzFlyGirl, and a few other friends at the Kojima Studio later in the week.

Grrr… I am using a new iphone and the photos are not uploading:34:

:shrug: Well, I was able to upload one pic from my iPad. Will try to post photos from the studio visit in the members’ other thread later.

Back home, wearing golden SS Myanmar pearls from Druzy.
Great to have you back jeg :party:
Love your Burmese SSPs!
Thank you so much, SydK, Charlotta, Echo, Pearlescence, Eolian and Jeg!!!

SydK Those are lovely CMW circles and look perfect with your tahitian/bead/keshi mixed necklace
eolian pearls WOW - that is an amazing tin cup!!!! Beautiful pearls, and such a clever convertible design by Jeg! Gosh, now I really want to try to make something similar once I depart Ban Island, haha. (And the pearl in my ring is 8.7 mm)
KauaiAnne Huge congratulations to you both! You looked radiant in that gorgeous torsade necklace, and what an incredible list of pearl "designers" :)
jeg Your GSS are sooo pretty!!! Those are really awesome colors; I especially like the green-gold. ones. Looking forward to the other pics from your trip!
jeg the green tones in your Burmese pearls are amazing!!!:notworthy: The two strands shine beautifully with your outfit
jeg those Myanmar pearls are so beautiful! Love that luster.
White freshwater pearls and white linen for me today, as we head into Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Thank you, Douglas, SurfnSci, echo, and SydK! SydK, sigh... heading into summer... I wish! Your all white combo is perfect for that- just lovely!

Tahitian, and Tahitian keshi, chain from Kojima, with earrings I put together using copper discs from a San Francisco artist.
That giant "fireball" is stunning SydK the necklace is gorgeous the rondelles in-between the pearls too, adds a nice flair :)
And wow...just when we are kind of tired of Summer and waiting for Winter, you are now heading into the steamy portion of your year!

Hey jeg those copper discs are interesting, if you had not told us their origin, I would have thought they are mother-op-pearl buttons from the Mabe-gai oyster. They add an interesting look to the earrings. Love your chain with beautiful keshi and pearls...specially love those blue ones!

Have a blessed weekend everyone :arms:​​​​​​​
Thanks, Douglas! I’ll have to look that up! I bought the copper discs when I was there this summer. Sunseeker and I found the same artist on this trip and bought a few more things.
jeg those copper earrings are so pretty. I agree with Douglas that I would have guessed MoP if you hadn’t mentioned that they are copper.

More light-coloured pearls for me today - this time silvery-white Tahitians
Pretty pearls jeg. How many earrings have you made now? They are all so pretty, even though that colorful anklet you made (I know not an earring) is probably my favorite
SydK very nice summery looks, your silvery white tahitians are stunning of course and that fireball so pretty
Love how the silvery Tahitians look against your skin SydK :notworthy:
They really compliment your skin tone...and your smile :)