Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you, AzFlyGirl, Charlotta, and eolian!

Eolian, you are correct, the SOC is rare. I’d have to defer to Douglas as to how many full strands exist. I have only seen them around Douglas’ neck when he would arrive at the Ruckus. And around Pattye’s neck, who is an owner of one of the Ruckus strands.

Sea of Cortez necklace with seaglass Tahitian necklace from Kojima.
Darn, tried to upload a pic of the SOC necklace that my son took with his “real” camera. The color is more accurate but the file is too big to upload. I’ll have to post it after I do some resizing.:(
What gorgeous treasures everyone has! This thread is my secret obsession. And Jeg, your Sea of Cortez strand is amazing. There is really no way to describe their magical powers.

And I have to say, 86 you really captured my heart with those white pearls and favorite combo of colors always!
There are SoC strands and "Unicorn SoC Strands" so, the number of SoC strands they come out with every year varies, but usually 8 strands and ONE Unicorn strand.
Sometimes more are made, a "custom job" and then the number may go up to 10 or 12 per year...but still a relatively low number.

Beautiful strands jeg :notworthy:
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Thanks for the info, Douglas! It’s no unicorn, but it IS a rare pretty pony!
A Ponycorn! ;)
And I mean...10-12 strands per year?!?!?!? That is very rare! How many Akoya or freshwater pearl necklaces are produced per year? I am even afraid to know!
86Corvettegirl ,I somehow missed your stunning pearls yesterday. I don't know how. They are truly amazing.
jeg, I am looking forward to seeing that other photo of your soc strand. Maybe it works if you just crop the edges a bit
86Corvettegirl I really love your combo of white pearls with blue turquoise, they remind me of warm summer days in Greece!
jeg your ponycorn strand is very special indeed. Oh! I'd love to see the colors of those SoC pearls IRL, they must be beautiful! Someday maybe CortezPearls can also make a strand of keshi SoC pearls necklace - I haven't seen it yet. The best I could get was a SoC keshi bracelet.
eolian pearls I'm dreaming about getting a new set of exotic colored Tahitians to lengthen my short tin cup :08:
You are killing us here with THAT combination Jeg!!!! Seaglass AND Ponycorn???? WOW!!!!

Pareltje I totally support your dreams of a longer exotics tin cup!!!! It’s not like I didnt spend last night analyzing EVERY single one of CMW’s bracelets to decide which one was the perfect one for me...:) But since I already blown (overblown) my pearl budget for this year I very responsibly unclicked everything and went to sleep... Very proud of myself...Also me : waking up to an etsy notification of a new Edison strand...”YES!!! My sister absolutely needs this!!!! So great to have an early Christmas present!!!”...:arms:
eolian pearls I have to stop checking CMW for a while... it's a dangerous place to be... I have also already overblown my pearl budget :lmao::1zhelp: Did you purchase the Edison strand?
I DID!!!! I mean it’s a present so it doesnt really count as a “pearl purchase”, right? ;) And what if I play with the necklace until the Christmas comes? it’s only fair to the pearls not to ignore them... Will post it when it comes, I guess in two month’s time...:love:
Thanks Charlotta, I’m afraid just cropping won’t do the trick. CathyKeshi told me I could make billboards with the resolution! :lmao:She is such a crack up!

Thank you, eolian!! Wow, you have a lot of will power! Looking forward to seeing your sister’s gift, though.

Pareltje, I’m sure the strand has similar coloring to your bracelet. Most the strands I have seen have that silvery coloring with lots of overtones. Except the National strand. Now that was a unicorn, with perfect, colorful pearls. I do not have a solid keshi necklace, but I do have this tin cup-

All keshi Sea of Cortez tin cup from Kojima-
@eolian.pearls I definitely look forward to seeing the pictures of your new purchase.
jeg your keshi SoC tin cup is so so dreamy :35: I believe it looks even better in person! :yumyum: Oh that blue one screams the loudest!
Vietnamese akoyas today...


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jeg I am so happy this special strand found a very special home with you! I found a short video taken by my son of that strand (in comparison with a Tahitian strand) and you are right, it is an art and pure voodoo to capture true colors and beauty of the SoC pearls
so happy you and the resto of the Dream Team visited us at Kojima Studio!

Thanks so much, BWeaves! I love them, too!

Thank you for the pearl fluorescence video, Masik! Yes, it’s very difficult to capture the colors. My son did a better job than me, as the strand is more silvery than my photos. Here are a couple more pics after reducing them from billboard size to postcard size. (Thanks for my laugh of the week, CathyKeshi)

Pareltje, just stunning! That strand looks like it's made of pieces of candy and the earrings are magical of course.

jeg, everything you own is drool-worthy.