Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Thank you for all the very kind pearl and clothes compliments everyone!!!

CathyKeshi, that is one fantastic, one of a kind piece, that I always, always love for you to bust out!

We took a last minute road trip across the mountains this weekend. My mother-in-law is not doing well.:( Spent some time at the family cabin.

Back to pearls with a high luster golden SS multi rope and golden SS pendant from PP Ruckus. Pearl chain made with tiny Akoya and Akoya keshi from Hong Kong. Hmmm, I’ve been getting sun spot reflections on my clothes but too lazy to do retakes.:cool:
Sorry to hear your mother-in-law is not feeling well jeg please send her our wishes for a speedy recovery.

Beautiful necklaces...those ovoidal-baroque shapes and the combination of lighter and true-golds is mesmerizing :D
The lovely little keshis look great with the golden pearl :D
Wow, another exceptional week in pearls here!!!!

CathyKeshi that SoC necklace is heavenly!!!! Everything about is is absolutely gorgeous, I am in awe...

Jeg, sorry to hear about your mother in law, I am sending many well wishes to your family! Your trio to the cabin looks lovely, and your pearls are stunning as always...The Soc keshi necklace!!!! the Fijis, your goldens, that tiny akoya chain...beautiful beautiful, so so beautiful!!!

Pareltje your multicolored akoyas are so so dreamy...Always on my wishlist...

Another summery pic from my terrace, the same dress as before this one was really made for tahitian pearls and tourmalines...
Jeg, I'm sorry to hear that your mother-in-law isn't doing well. I hope you visit to the family cabin was helpful. (You look wonderful in that combo of GSSP rope, pendant and tiny pearl necklace.)
CathyKeshi...what everyone else said about your SoC necklace. Just beautiful. I hope you have many occasions to wear it.
Eolian...your photo looks like an ad for a luxury resort..the terrace, the sea, the mountains, and you looking like you just rose from the sea wearing pearls!
Two recent purchases from Cortez Pearls...a shell pendant and a daisy "spinner" ring. Simple for summer.


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It's just Monday and it is already a splendid start of a "Pearl Week" here at our Forum :)
eolian pearls really nice pendant...fresh as the Seabreeze!
TriciaS that pendant was an inspiration of mine all the way back to 1994 when I started with the first pearls at the "farm"...and it evolved over time until the design you enjoy today!
One of those evolutionary steps was "Conny" (kind of "Shelley" in Spanish) by my dear (departed) friend Carlos Cabral...I will honor his memory sharing this piece of jewelry he made with a Cortez pearl.


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Oh, I'm glad I have a design you had a hand in, Douglas! The "Conny" pendant is lovely...the multiple layers give it great depth.
Thank you for your kind words TriciaS, Douglas and 86C!

TriciaS, your new SoC pieces are lovely! Beautiful design and very special pearls, wonderful wonderful pieces!!! There is just something dreamy about the SoCs....
I'm out of the loop for a few days and I come back to beautiful pearls. Keep them coming!
jeg, you do have the best golden south seas. I hope that you are mother in law feels better soon.
@eolianpearls, gorgeous tincup. Very summey and is great with that wiew.
TriciaS, beautiful pendant and ring.
CortezPearls, the Conny pendant looks great.
​​​​​​​@86corvettegirl, that octopus is beautiful.
Oh 86Corvettegirl :07: I love Octopi! I'm very fond of Sherí's "Octos"...but this enhancer of yours is unique too...clean lines, modern and stylized...I LOVE IT!

BTW: Have you seen the "My Octopus Teacher" documentary on Netflix? Makes you appreciate these amazing creatures even more!
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Thanks so much, Douglas, eolian, TriciaS, 86C and Charlotta!

eolian, I agree with TriciaS- you look like an ad for a lush resort. Your necklace is such a fun, light look, too!

TriciaS, oooo, love your Sea of Cortez pieces! And thank you for sharing “Conny” with us, Douglas!

86C, I like the graceful squiggle of your octo. Douglas, I was fascinated by the little common octopus from “My Octopus Teacher.” I never realized their intelligence.

Vietnamese Akoya mix knotted with pearls from Hong Kong. Coral and Akoya necklace, and SS and Akoya mix necklace from Kojima.
That’s the truth, miss a week at the most and it’s like rain in the desert to come back. It’s a beautiful day here (although a tad warm, at 80*, more or less kidding), but the sun is shining, the humidity is low and my knees got a shot of cortisone, and so, pearls!

pearlescence necklace, and fun drops from a thrift store.


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jeg, those mixed akoya strand are gorgeous. Love those blue, gold and ivory colors together.
@lisac, gorgeous look. The luster on that strand is great.
Charlotta, You’re very kind. How about that steel-wool-hair look at the neck? Lol. Call it the “surprising ways red hair goes bad with age”. I’m with jeg, just, the editing is not being done today.

I’m sorry about your MIL, jeg. I love how you called her “Mom” in your posts. True love.
Oh 86Corvettegirl :07: I love Octopi! I'm very fond of Sherí's "Octos"...but this enhancer of yours is unique too...clean lines, modern and stylized...I LOVE IT!

BTW: Have you seen the "My Octopus Teacher" documentary on Netflix? Makes you appreciate these amazing creatures even more!

I love octopi,too, Douglas. Sheri's octos are my favorites with this one from SauveJewelry on Etsy a close second. Sheri was the artistic talent in creating Kanaloa & she also created my blue ring Octo, Luna. I have another enhancer from Sauve using a very blue Tahitian with little blue diamond eyes. They comfortable, versatile, & easy to wear in hot weather.
My Octopus Teacher was a wonderful video. Their intelligence is amazing. In my diving years, I often was able to interact with octopi & loved it. Thank you for your kind words.:07: