Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

Wow...everyone's pearls from the past few days are so luminous and colorful. Jeg...that light, multi-hued Tahitian is breathtaking, as is Pareltje's tin-cup. I keep going back to both, as they are so unusual. Pareltje, I first read your description of your oval drop earrings as GASP instead of GSSP, probably because they did make me perfect, so gold.
Oh my Gosh! Pareltje those SS Golden pearl earrings! They are the mythical golden-rosé color we always hear about but rarely SEE! Lovely!
jeg gorgeous strand! I'm just infatuated with these color combinations...wish I still worked at the pearl farm to create something similar...sorry, shed a small tear there :15:
I've gone through pages and pages of this thread since I joined a few days ago and every pearl and person in this thread is so dang beautiful! :07: I can't wait to have something to share here!
@jegggg the sage/bronze/copper/gold strand is SLAYING me. Same goes for your exotic Tahitian strand Pareltje, for the same reasons. Absolutely stunning.

The general abundance of harvest tahitian strands swanning around this thread lately are totally the content I am here for :)
Ah, Jeg, the Myanmars ... just dreamy. I love the tin cup you've paired them with; lovely!

Pareltje, what stunning GSS earrings; even prettier than Cess's photos; what amazing overtones. I'm blown away by that Tahitian tin cup; the colors are mesmerizing. And you wear them all very well :)
Thank you very much TriciaS, CortezPearls, 86Corvettegirl, [USER][/USER], CathyKeshi for your very sweet compliments.
Cees is so sweet he helped me find a pair of matching earrings for my Gssp strand I bought from him in 2017.
I must confess, I was inspired by jeg's pastel Tahitians, so I bought the exotic pastel Tahitians (sold as a set for bracelet) from CMW. I didn't want to remove a few pearls just to shorten the bracelet, they're all beautiful and special. I then decided to wire wrap those pearls and turn them into a necklace (I added 4 small Freshies to lengthen the necklace).
AngelinaS welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing your pearl posts and ogle their beauty!
Pareltje, did you have Cees set the GSS pearls? That's a very nice finding on top :) Very clever to add a couple of FW pearls at the end of your Tahitian tin cup; looks great, adds a bit of length and a little "finger grip" room at the clasp for working. Your wire wrapping is so nice; Well Done!
Pareltje, those goldens are wonderful, and the tahitians dreamy! I have to confess ignorance (or maybe blankness of mind): what is CMW?
Pareltje, did you have Cees set the GSS pearls? That's a very nice finding on top :) Very clever to add a couple of FW pearls at the end of your Tahitian tin cup; looks great, adds a bit of length and a little "finger grip" room at the clasp for working. Your wire wrapping is so nice; Well Done!

Yes CathyKeshi I have Cees set the GSS pearls for me. I've bought a pair of Fiji pearls from him too in the past and had him set them with the same pins. Those pins are actually pendant bails, by the way. I can also convert the Fiji and GSS pearls and wear them as (mix and match) pendants. Thanks for your compliment on wire wrapping skills :eek: tbh I really tried very hard to get consistent neat loops, it wasn't easy :02:​​​​​​

linda.wald thank you. CMW is a company specialising in Tahitian pearls, they are based in Hong Kong. Just Google CMW Pearl and you'll find them.
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Wonderful pearls all of you. I have been busy redesigning our gardens and not posting much. Just coming in for a quick peek sometimes.
I have been slowly moving back to Sicily this past week and what a week it has been for amazing pearls!!!

Pareltje OMG the exotics tin cup!!!!! The colors!!! The luster!!!! The harmony of the whole piece!!!! So so beautiful!!! Saved to my pearl heaven board along with Jeg’s Bubble... I cant forget that one either...

Jeg your pearl collection and the way you combine your pieces and your’s an art! Always a pleasure to see your pictures!

Lary007 love your circles!

Rokor the SSP with that ruby clasp are stunning! Such a cool contemporary piece!

I am back on my very casual island so from now on it’s mostly a single pearl with gemstones or leather time for me. This one is a white tahitain from Jac with tanzanites, one of my favorite summer pieces...beacause the summer is almost here!!! Yay!!!
Happy Sunday to everyone!
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Thank you so much, everyone! I’ve been away on a short pearl adventure and will post pics when I return home.

Pareltje, that tin cup is out of this world!

eolian, Happy Sunday, and happy trip home. What a treat for you to be home on that beautiful turquoise water. :p

Welcome AngelinaS! I am looking forward to seeing your posts!

A little peek at our trip...
Thank you Charlotta, eolian pearls, @jeg.
Charlotte, do you have peonies in your garden?
eolian pearls you lucky duck, I miss being close to the sea!
jeg, looking forward to seeing your pearl adventure pics :D
Pareltje ,yes I do have peonies in the gardens. Love peonies. They aren't always easy to get into bloom. They might sulk for a decade.
Some of the posts we have on the forum are like pages of the "Garden of Earthly Delights", which we should just change to "The Threads of Pearly Delights"...

BTW: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all !!!:07:
Thank you Jeg and Pareltje! Yes, I feel very lucky to be near such an amazing sea! Pareltje I cant stop staring at your tin cup!!! Can I ask how big are the pearls? Were they the CMW AAA or top quality? So so gorgeous!

My favorite light peacock pendant today...The pearl is from Druzy and I cant get over the rainbow luster on it...
Charlotta I have peonies in the garden too and it took years to see their first flowers:(​​​​​​.
linda.wald you're welcome. Just show us what you buy from them someday ;)
eolian pearls they're 9-10 mm AAA-AA quality, round-semi round. Many of them look like nucleated freshwater pearls :18:. Love love your pendant. I can see the rainbow on your picture :arms:
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eolian pearls gorgeous pendant. I hope that you get all your pearls soon.
@pareltj, your tincup is gorgeous. Had to back up and look at it again. Great idea making a bracelet into a tincup. I have been tempted to make my rainbow bracelet from cmw pearls into a tincup.